Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where is my bump???

So, I have decided that everyone else at 16 weeks either has or had an obvious little bump. However, I still get the question every day "When is your belly gonna grow"? I want a bump that everyone can see so people can understand why I get moody if I do not get to eat, why I can't take my eyes off babies in public, and just because I want one. To me I have noticed that my body has changed in various ways, and my belly has grown. However, I have been looking at blogs of others who are pregnant and they had bellys at 16 weeks, and mine is still just a tiny
bump. I am going to post pictures of me at 8 weeks and me at 14 weeks, and you can let me know if you think my belly has grown. I truly do not see a change in pictures. My pants are to small to button now so I know I have a small bump but nothing drastic. If you are or have been pregnant will you comment and let me know when your obvious bump first appeared? The top picture is of me at 8 weeks and the bottom is 14 weeks (sorry my head is cut off).


The Moughamian Addition said...

You're so tiny girl! I kept thinking I was getting a bump and it turns out I had some major bloating that made my stomach pooch! Oh the joys of pregnancy. I noticed something small around 18 weeks that was actually not bloating. By 20 weeks it starting getting better. You should experience a change around 20 weeks or after because the baby will be around 10-15 oz in weight! However, my friend, Suzanne is pregnant with a boy that weighed more than kennedy at her 20 week ultrasound and she has a long torso so her bump is so tiny if at all. Don't worry! It will come and once it only gets bigger and uncomfortable! haha

The Moughamian Addition said...

"it starting getting better" I meant bigger instead of better! haha

Anonymous said...

i didn't have a true bump until around 22 weeks...around week 20 i felt like i had a beer gut :) anyway, i gained a 3 pounds through 19 weeks. and then at my 23 week appt - i had gained 4. i felt like i was just getting a little thick around the middle there for a while.

you'll wake up one day and think you really are starting to look pregnant.