Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Beach Somewhere

First off I had a wonderful birthday with my hubby. We slept in, went to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, took our doggies on a walk in the park, and then had dinner. It was a great day, and unfortunately the last warm day of the week. I awoke this morning to find snow once again laying on the ground. Given it was not even an inch, but with it came cold wind and a reminder that it is still winter. I had gotten a little spoiled from last weeks weather, and I have to admit that I was sad to see the warm weather go.

I have always been partial to the beach and warmth. This Kentucky weather can sure get old after a while. I am still trying to convince my hubby to move south somewhere, so baby gardella and I can play on the beach all day long. I hope my convincing works :). However, if not at least I have spring break to look forward to. As of now Nick and I are planning a getaway with a few close friends to our friends Jersey's condo in Stuart, Florida. If that for some reason does not work out then I am convincing Beth and Blair to go with me to Florida and we can all be pregnant in bathing suits together. I am including a few pictures of our honeymoon, and old spring break pictures while I sit and try to pretend that I was in paradise now.

This is a picture of me and baby Asa. I babysat him while I attended KCU, and then his family moved to Florida. We were able to see them one year on Spring Break. This is how I want my babies to grow up. What a perfect life. Instead of playing in
the back yard baby and I could go to the beach during the day while we waited for daddy to get home.
Below is a picture from our first spring break together as a couple. We were in Stuart, Florida (where we may be revisiting this year). Notice Nick's long hair :). Also, I have included a picture from Spring Break 05 with a group of my KCU friends.

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