Thursday, February 19, 2009

God's Little Works

As many of you know my cousin was involved in a car accident on Christmas Day. My grandmother told me a story today that has touched my heart, and caused me to stand in awe of God. Matt's uncle and his wife traveled back and forth to Tennessee when Matt was in the hospital there as many family members did. However, every time they would get a hotel room for the night they would be given room 114. His wife decided that it was God's way of trying to tell her something. She began searching the Bible trying to find the answer and came across this verse

"But when Jesus heard about it he said, Lazarus's sickness will not end in death. No it is for the glory of God. I the Son of God, will recieve glory from this" John 11:4 (114)

That verse I believe speaks in itself, and it proves that God is there to help us through situations and give us hope as long as we take the time to listen. WOW I feel so blessed to know that God was assuring us that good will come from this bad situation, and that Matt will overcome this obstacle.

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