Monday, February 16, 2009

It is almost my birthday!!!!

So, this weekend was amazing. Nick and I had a wonderful time in Gatlingburg, and it was great to just get away and be alone. We decided to cut our trip short by a couple of days, and instead decided to splurge on things we really wanted to do while in Gatlinburg this weekend. We had a wonderful Valentines Day filled with walking around Gatlinburg, having lunch, and visiting the World Record Museum. We had plans to go to a nice steak house for dinner that night, but instead we ended up having KFC in bed. It may not sound romantic but it was perfect. Our big day was Sunday. That morning we went to a pancake breakfast, visited the Aquarium, and finished up the day at the Dixie Stampede (the food was just as amazing as I remembered). This morning we woke up, went to have Pizza for lunch, played a round of putt putt, visited an As seen on TV outlet store, and then headed home to reunite with our puppies. I will post pictures from our trip soon.

Tomorrow Nick and I are both playing hookie for my b-day, and the plan is still not set in stone. It is crazy that I am turning 23. I feel as though my birthdays are not as exciting anymore, but I am excited to have another alone day with my hubby tomorrow.

The baby is 15 weeks this week, and I was excited to read that it is possible to feel the baby kicking (though unlikely) this week. I told Nick yesturday that I felt as though I was feeling the baby moving at times. I guess I will wait a few more weeks until the movements become regular to know if it is truly the baby that I am feeling inside my tummy. Well I guess I will end this by saying Happy birthday to me in less than an hour, and I will sit and wait until I turn 23 to fall asleep (I was born at 12:36 am, so I truly turn 23 basically as soon as the 17th begins).

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