Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sydney the Destroyer

As many of you know from my previous posts we have a new puppy who we named Sydney. Sydney is a lot different than my baby girl Bella in that she is a larger breed dog with a whole lot of energy. I think I took for granted what I thought was a lot of energy with my little Yorktese when she was a puppy. I never realized the difference between large and small breed puppies until I had the two to compare. Growing up I had a boxer named Abby, however, I do not really remember her puppy days, and therefore I just assumed that Sydney's puppy stage would be a lot like Bella's. Man was I wrong.

Above I have included a picture of Bella the first night we got her, and Sydney a couple of weeks after we got her. There is definetely a difference in size.

Here are a few more differences:

1. Sydney is very strong (she can basically pull me over when I am trying to contol her). Bella, could not move my arm if she tried.

2. Sydney can jump on the furniture (including the bed) at 4 months. Bella still has not accomplished jumping on the bed except for maybe 5 exceptions her entire life.

3. They are both very jealous and moody, however, Bella is the moodiest one of all.

4. Sydney can destroy things very quickly (she has destroyed doggy (Bella's favorite toy of all time), books, cords etc). When Bella was four months all she could destroy was a piece of paper.

5. Sydney has to go to the bathroom a lot, and it is actually a big hassle to clean up her accidents that she has indoors. Bella used a litter box for the first year of her life, and her messes were basically non existent.
Below are pictures from my Birthday walk. You can tell that Sydney has already grown a whole lot in size. In fact I could barely control her on the leash just to take this picture. Nick had to run with her to get her energy out.

Anyways I could go on and on about the differences. However, I love our new puppy and I am trying to gain dominance over her (the dog whisperer makes it look so easy). Whenever she is jumping on me I can snap, tell her to sit, push her down etc etc etc and she still will not stop. However, as soon as Nick snaps from across the room she lays down like a perfect angel and does not move a muscle. I guess I just don't have the magic touch. Well the main point of this post was to talk about the trouble Sydney got into today. Today at Target I bought Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy, and actually finished the entire book in about an hour 1/2. I loved the book, and I was laughing out loud while reading it. Afterward Nick and I went upstairs to cook dinner, and we left Sydney in the room outside of her kennel, and I left my book laying on the bed. When we came back down from dinner we found that Sydney had enjoyed my book as well, and had chewed the cover and a few pages. Geez. Oh well, it is still readable, and at least I finished it before it was destroyed.

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