Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our New Friend who has No Name

Last night we welcomed a new little friend into our home.  I had high expectations that Caleb would fall quickly in love with this little friend, and I think he has.  I also hoped that he would quickly give our new friend a name, but that has yet to happen.  Our friend may remain nameless until next Christmas Season. 

Our new little friend in the friendly scout elf from the book that has taken over the blog world, Elf on a Shelf. I first heard about this great tradition a few years ago, and I was so excited to begin it with Caleb once he was old enough. I decided this was the year. I know he does not fully understand yet, but finding the elf sure is a lot of fun...naming him on the other hand is a no go :(. 

I included the book in another Christmas tradition we are starting this year. I found the idea via Pinterest, surprise surprise.  Basically, the tradition calls for the parents to wrap 24 Christmas books and place them under the tree. Each night counting down to Christmas you open and read one book as a family.  I have my Christmas books under the tree, and the "Elf" book was the first book Caleb opened.  He had a great time opening the book, and he enjoyed the story. He enjoyed looking at the toys the Elf was playing with, but I do not think he fully understood that the elf from the story would be at his house the next day.

Last night the Elf made his appearance along with a note from Santa that read:

Hello Caleb, Ethan (boy I nanny), and Mckinlee.  I hope you are good today. Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus.

This morning when Caleb awoke we found the Elf and he smiled and laughed while pointing at him. I then told him the Elf brought him a special breakfast all the way from the North Pole. (Idea stole from bringingupmadison).  He sat down and was thrilled to receive snow covered donuts and a candy cane for breakfast. I threw in some yogurt to add a little nutrition. He was ecstatic, and kept saying "thanks elf!".  Mckinlee was itching for a bite of the snow covered goodness, but Caleb was stingy.  She will get to enjoy it next year for sure. 

I am really loving our little no name friend, and the great memories I am sure he will be included in as my babies grow.

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