Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Count Your Teeth

Yesterday Caleb had his very first dentist appointment.  I know I am a little late...by about a year...but at age one he only had 2 teeth...that is how I justify it at least.  I have to admit, I was super nervous about this first. Caleb hates to have you mess with his teeth. We always allow him to brush his teeth first, and then we take a turn. He always ends up screaming, and kicking...not a pretty picture.  I was positive he was going to freak out while there.  Mckinlee also had an appointment yesterday morning to have some blood tests done (results are back and she is fine..more info to come).  Anyway, Nick and I decided to divide and conquer the appointments. He took Mckinlee and I went with Caleb. 

Once we arrived at the dentist I filled out all the paper work, Caleb read some Bible stories, (He kept pointing to pictures and saying "There's Jesus...Hi my Jesus"...melt my heart), and then we played with toys for a while.  He loved all the cars, and the giant chalkboard.  After playing it was time to head back. 

Once we arrived in the dental room Caleb sat on my lap in the dentist chair.  The dentist was this little old man with the softest voice, and he was just talking away to Caleb, but Caleb did not acknowledge him because he could not hear him. It was kind of humorous.  Anyway, the dentist and nurse laid him back, Caleb started crying, and I was thinking "here we go".  However, they were able to count his teeth and do his fluoride treatment quickly, and Caleb never really got very worked up. They said he is still waiting on is 2 year molars, but that everything else looked great.

After all was said and done Caleb was allowed to pick out a prize. He said no thanks.  The nurse held up a monkey and asked if he wanted it and he said "no", she held up a duck and he said "no"....on and on. I finally chose a pig for him and we went on our way. 

It was a better than expected first visit.  The pediatric dentist office was clean and kind, but I wasn't overly impressed.  We may look for a new location for his next visit.  I was super proud of my big boy though. 

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