Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa Came!

Santa came to our house Christmas Eve night, and he left a ton of goodies from the North Pole. Our Elf, Up, must have given him a good report.  Santa must have been searching Mama's pinterest ideas because he even left a trail of lights leading to the presents for the kids to follow the next morning.

I barely slept that night. I was so excited to see the joy on my babies faces the next morning.  However, my kids decided to sleep and sleep and sleep until 9:30.  WOW! They never sleep that late. 

When Caleb and Mckinlee awoke they quickly discovered the lights leading to the living room.  Once they arrived in the living room Caleb quickly ran to his train set and said "My choo choo".  Mckinlee was very interested in brothers toys as well, and she finally discovered some of her own.  They had a blast playing and moving from toy to toy.  Daddy showed them how a bunch of toys work, and we played and played. 

I decided they needed to take a break from playing to eat a little something, and Caleb informed me that he wanted pizza.....not really what I had in mind...but it was Christmas after all.  So, Caleb enjoyed a Christmas movie while eating pizza at 10 am :).   

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