Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 4 Posts of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope that you all enjoyed celebrating our Savior's birthday, and that you had a Christmas filled with love, happiness, and family.  We had a wonderful Christmas this year, and this was the first year that Caleb really understood what was going on.  He was beyond precious.  I have so much that I want to remember about this Christmas with my babies so be prepared for bunches of posts about it...4 to be exact. 

Leading up to Christmas I really tried to instill the true meaning of Christmas in Caleb. I really want him to GET it. I do not want Christmas to only be about Santa and presents to him, but I want him to understand the true reason for the season.  Since he is still so young this year I tried to teach him about Jesus in simple fun ways.  One day we colored pictures of the nativity scene and turned those presents into ornaments for his grandparents. While he was coloring we would talk about each page, and discuss the Christmas story.  He also unwrapped books every night leading up to Christmas, and there were a few about the birth of Jesus. He especially loved The Christmas Story book from my childhood, complete with my coloring and writing within its pages.  When I would ask him who was on what page he would say "Maarrreee". "Gaaaaeee" (Joseph), "Befleheeemm", "Cow...Moo", "Star", "Baby Jesus".  It melted my heart to see him understanding the Christmas Story.

On Wednesday night after Nick and I got off work we headed to my hometown.  Thursday we were lazy and allowed the kids to play at grammys, cooked dinner, and visited with family.  Friday we were all over the place. We visited the "office" for lunch and stayed there until around 3. Nick then took the kids back to grammys to nap, and Gram and I did a little shopping.  After shopping we rushed back, ate, got dressed and headed to my mothers house for Christmas with her and my brother's family. 

Caleb LOVED playing with his cousins. He does not get to see them very much since we live so far away, but he has so much fun with them when we do see them. He was a hoot playing on the bed with the older girls, and his laugh was music to all of our ears. He played so hard that he was sweating, and he and Mckinlee both slept hard that night. 


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