Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas Eve when we arrived back from my mother's Caleb was still a little wound up. We were allowing him to sleep in gram's guestroom, and to get him to go to bed I told him that he could watch a show on TV. He does not have a TV in his room at home, so this was so exciting to him. I turned on Toy Story, and told him that we needed to say our prayers first.  Usually we say a long prayer and thank God for various things from our day. Well Caleb closed on eye, folded his hands, looked at the TV and say "Jesus Thanks Amen" as fast as he could. His eyes were then glued to the TV. I lost it. It was so cute.

After Caleb finally went to sleep "Grammy's Santa" came and placed presents in the living room.  When Caleb and Mckinlee awoke the next morning they were both so excited. Caleb exclaimed "My bike, Mine", and quickly ran to ride it.  Mckinlee loved her toys as well, but I think she got more excitement out of watching her big brother.  She also loved the recordable book Grammy made them. I was so excited because she was still tiny enough to fit in Caleb's first Christmas pj's.  Caleb was 4 months on his first Christmas wearing a size 6 month sleeper, and Mckinlee is 10 months haha. She looked so cute in them, and it brought back so many memories. 

 He was a little upset that I took his binky from him :)

We all showered and got ready we headed to my Aunt and Uncle's for annual Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange.  Aunt Libby outdid herself again with amazing food. It is funny how hard it is to enjoy the good food with 2 kids now.  Nick and I are lucky if we get to take a bite before our food gets cold, but I guess that is the life of a parent. 

After we all ate we exchanged gifts. Caleb loved all of his presents, and Mckinlee was so excited about her new cradle...as was I. It is so vintage and adorable. She loves pulling up on it, and I think she could actually fit in it because she is so tiny. 

Once gift exchange was over it was time for us to head back home. We packed up, and headed north.  We arrived north with just enough time to run home, change clothes, freshen up, and head out the door again.  Lucky for us both kids slept amazing in the car.  We headed to Nick's parents house for the Ryan family Christmas Eve.  It was a blast, and Mckinlee looked sooooo cute.  Everyone kept calling her the sugarplum Princess.  She rocked the adorable Mudpie Christmas outfit, and the amazing tutu that her meemaw made her.  The only thing she was missing was her bow...she refuses to keep bows on her head now. Caleb played so well with his cousins that night, and he was so independent. He truly is growing up way to fast. 

After the party was over we headed home to jump into bed and wait for Santa Claus to arrive. 


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