Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our Adventure to Meet St. Nick

Saturday night we attended our towns Christmas Walk.  It was super cute, and it was a lot of fun.  They had a tree lighting (which proved to be a little less than amazing), a parade which was tractor/Christmas themed (insert Caleb's heaven here), and the town businesses were all set up with different Christmas activities.  The parade was super cute, and was just the right length to keep Caleb's attention.  We were able to view the inside of an old Victorian home that was decorated for Christmas, and it was gorgeous!! We also saw a live nativity, train models and lots of Christmas lights. 

 In our new double stroller for the first time. We almost made it through Mckinlee's entire first year without one.  It was a steal on zulily...89.00!

The last activity on the agenda that night was meeting Mr. Claus.  We have been reading lots of Christmas books this year, Caleb knows who Santa is and he knows that he says "HO HO". I thought we had a slim chance that he would actually sit on his lap for a picture this year.  While we were waiting in line I kept asking him if he wanted to sit with Santa and tell him what toys he wanted for Christmas.  He would politely say "no".  I kept encouraging and pointing out the other children sitting on his lap. Caleb still would say "no".  I was hoping once we got up to Santa that both kids would at least sit with him for one picture.....I mean the odds were a little against me since Caleb was saying no, and since Mckinlee basically screams if anyone else besides me dares to try to hold her....

Well, we get to Santa, Nick's mom has the camera ready for a picture, and we attempt to sit them on his lap.  Mckinlee surprisingly goes straight to him, however Caleb death grips me with his legs and arms and immediately starts crying....It was then that we decided to do a "Family" Santa shot.

Little miss however, surprised the heck out of us with her love for the man in red.  She smiled at him, touched his beard and cheesed it up for the camera.  There is no doubt that my usual stranger danger, cling to mama girl Believes.  On a side note when we lifted her from Santa we realized she had peed through her outfit...kind of like her brother did with the Easter bunny a few years back.  What can I say, my kids have a habit of peeing on our holiday characters.  The festivities, long lines, and absent diaper changing stations may have something to do with that though. 

All in all the night was a success, and even though I had no plans of taking pictures with Santa, this picture is a keeper.

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