Monday, October 5, 2009

Tears are Flowing

So today was the dreaded S day.  Shot day that is.  I have dreaded and worried and cried about Caleb's immunizations since I first found out I was pregnant.  Why I have been so worried and scared I can not truly pin point. Yes I was an early childhood education major, and I had to do a research paper concering Autism and Immunizations.  However, that did not cause me to believe that immunizations in any way caused Autism.  However, it did make me take a step back and realize that I as his mother have a right to say when he gets his shots, and how many he is given at a time.  I have heard stories of babies having really bad reactions, and one story of a baby dying the night after her shots.  I appreciated all of your advice as to your child's immunization past, and I thought and thought about what I wanted to do.  After discussing it with my hubby we decided that we were going to split up Caleb's shots, just because it is better to be safe than sorry.  So, today we dressed Caleb in an adorable 0-3 month outfit. It always cracks me up how us mothers get our little ones so cute to go to the doctor only to have to take off their clothes before anyone sees it haha.  Anyway, I was nervous and sad all morning, but hubby went with me for this tramatic experience.  Caleb weighs 11 lbs 4 ounces (I guess 11 5 so I was close). He is 23" and is in the 50th percentile in all of his measurments.  After talking with the doctor about a few questions we had, and about our desire to split up the shots I felt a little better. The doctor said it was perfectly fine to split them up and to just come in next month for the final two (Hepatitus, and Rhotovirus).  Anyway, when the nurse came in the room my eyes immediately filled with tears.  They were going to hurt my little man, and I could do nothing about it.  I couldn't take the shot for him and take away his pain and that killed me.  My hubby was the brave one to hold him while I turned my head and cried. He laid there with binky in mouth just looking at the nurse having no idea what was about to happen.  First prick a little scream and whimper...not to bad.  Second Prick SCREAM, CRY, HOLDING BREATH, RED FACE!!  My little man was in pain.  Daddy immediately scooped him up, tazmanian devil bandaids and all and loved on him while I began wiping away the tears from my eyes.  The nurse assured me it gets easier every time.  Anyway, today has been a cranky day. Caleb is in pain, and the tylenol can only help so much.  He has been very clingy, and would not let me put him down at all today until dinner. Very very unlike him. He was so cranky in fact that I could not get a picture of his little taz bandaids, for blogging purposes of course. He and I cuddled all day on the couch and I kissed and kissed and kissed his little head wishing I could make him feel better. If he felt this bad after 2 shots I can not imagine what it would have been like with 3 shots and an oral vaccine. I am very happy with our decision to split the shots up, and I am just hoping my happy little man is back tomorrow! :(

Before we left the house for the dreaded shots!

Daddy cuddling him before the nurses came in to poke my baby :(

When we arrived home before the crying began. My poor little man.


The Dorns said...

Landon held his breath and turned red as a tomato the first time he got shots I felt so so so so bad. I said I did not want to get anymore shots after that. The 2nd series of shot at 4 months he still cried but only for about 20 seconds, compared to the 2-3 minutes the first time. Breastfeeding during the shot definetly helped. In 1 month we go back for our final set and I dread going.

The Kellam Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Caleb is ADORABLE! So glad his shots went well. We spaced our daughters vaccinations out as well. I did them on schedule with my son and I feel really guilty now. I just didn't know that I had a choice with him! The information also wasn't out there when he was getting his vaccinations. I was also told to put Orajel on their thighs before shots. I really think it helps. I didn't know about it with my son and either my daughter is much tougher or it really works because she barely screams!

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Hi Sarah,
I have been following your blog since the beginning of Aug. I stumbled across it, when you had linked to Kellys blog for "Show us your Life" and I noticed that we we both expecting at any moment.. and both due on Aug. 9th (i belive thats when you were due)
We have our 2 month shots on Monday, I am not looking forward to it.. I hope Caleb is feeling better today :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

awww sweetie it does get better! those 2 mo ones are probably the worst! i remember crying when rylie got hers too! i completely understand your decision to split up the shots! you gotta do what you feel is right!