Friday, October 2, 2009

Spay, Smiles, and Immunizations

Today has been an eventful day in the Gardella house.  No normal cuddling all afternoon on the couch with my little man, and watching the day pass by.  Today started bright and early as hubby, Caleb and I headed to pick up Sydney from the spay and neuter clinic.  We took her in yesterday to get fixed and we were suppose to pick her up at 8 am this morning.  Thanks to lovely Cincinnati morning traffic we did not arrive until around 8:45.  Sydney was sent home with a e-collar, and let me tell you she is hilarious.  She can not walk around the apartment without running into everything, she is so freaked out by it that she has been a LAP dog all day long, Bella is scared of her, and she had trouble pooping because she could not smell the grass.  Oh sis how hilarious you are.

Is Bella spoiled or what?

Caleb thought she was funny too. During floor time/tummy time today he gave me all sorts of smiles! I love love love to see those little baby gums. 

A serious question for mommas out there.  Caleb has his 2 month immunizations on Monday, and I have to admit I am terrified by this. I am not scared about the pain because I know it is short lived and I can bring him home, run a warm bath, and let his little muscles relax. However, I am scared of reactions. So scared that I am not working Monday night so I can sit watch over my little man the whole day.  I was thinking about asking the doctor to spread the immunizations out over a couple of weeks.  Did any of your babies have a reaction? Did anyone have similar fears? Please let me know because Monday is creeping closer and closer, and I am becoming more and more terrified. 

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Stephanie said...

What a cutie! My little man had his 2 month vaccines today. So far no reactions (fingers crossed). I gave him Tylenol about 30 minutes before his appointment & I could definitely tell when it wore off. I'm also a pediatric nurse, hopefully it will give you some reassurance to know that reactions are rare. Very rarely do I see any. Good luck!

Lyr said...

You'll be fine, but I do understand how you feel. Still to this day I get a little choked up when Jayden get's his shots. Like Stephanie said, it very rare to see reactions.

The Parker's said...

When Hailey had her shots, she had no reactions. Mommy had tears in her eyes and it was definitely obvious when the tylenol wore off.
I think it's normal to worry about things like that. Talk to your pediatrician about your concerns too. My pediatrician was awesome about my concerns and told me to make sure to go to reputable medical sites (webmd) for research.
Unfortunately, it's easy to find all of the bad information on the Internet, so you have to take some things with a grain of salt.

Julie said...

I'm expecting my fourth, and all three of my kiddos have had all their immunizations right on schedule with NO reactions, other than the occasional muscle aches and redness at the sight of the shot. If no one on either side of your families has any kind of allergies to eggs - and has handled immunizations fine, I think little Caleb will be too. I also do infant tylenol about 30 minutes prior and give it for the first 24 hrs. and after that, they've been just fine! I also peeled their band-aids off in a warm tub of water, as it seemed like they came off easier that way.
Trust me... he'll be over it way before you are :) It's much harder on the Momma.
Julie D.

Abby said...

I think you should ask your doctor his/her thoughts on spreading out the shots, it never hurts to have a little dialogue with your doctor.

Both of my kids get their shots on schedule (you know relative to when we can get into the dr.). One of my friends told me to rub ambisol on the place where they are goign to get the shot and it numbs the pain (don't know if it works, but I did it like a champ with my first baby!)

Also if your doctor will let you feed the baby during the shots it goes really well...we have one dr. that would and one that wouldn't, but be ready to feed him after the shots, it will calm him down in a jiffy!!

The Dorns said...

ok Ok this a awesome topic that I should blog about. My best advice would be to get the Dr Sears Book called "The Vaccine Book" He gives just information to let you know the contents in each vaccine. Each vaccine is made my by several companies with the ingreddients being different in each shot.

The thing you need to be careful is the alluminum content in the vaccine, how it was made, and if its a live virus shot. I would DEFINTELY split up your sons shot. Still giving him all of his shots but you will just need to do a shot only appt in between appts.

The reason for this is you will only want to do two shots at a time one shot will be a live virus shot and one will be an alluminum containing shot.

Heres the schedule we are following

2months DTaP, Rotavirus
3months Pc, HIB
4months DTaP, Rotavirus
5months Pc, HIB
6months DTaP, Rotavirus
7months PC, HIB
15months, PC, HIB
5 Years Tetanus Booster
10 Yrs Blood Tests for measels, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, and hep A (will do shots if no immunity)
12 yrs Hep B

Please contat me if you have anymore questions on why you would seperate or anything else. I have researched vaccines since I first got pregnant.

My son had a 21 day fever after his 2 months shots and redness on the leg for about 3 days. He had a 10 day fever after his 4 mo shots.

After his rotovirus vaccine he had gas, stomach ache with legs pulled up, irratible, more dirty diapers then usual. (Lasts about a week)

Despite this my guy has been happy except for the rotovirus vaccine it doesnt last long and we have learned to do shots on Fridays so I can be there for him.

As the previous poster said nurse or feed baby a bottle during the vaccine. If your doc says that you cant beastfeed while the shot is being adminstered then question his motive. Theres no reason tell him thats the only way you will allow him to have shots.

We also did Infants Tylenol immedietly after the shots and a warm bath that evevning. Good Luck in all your decisions. Dont let anyone tell you what you HAVE to do for your baby. He is your baby and its your decision and nothing is mandatory you dont even have to any shots. There is no law but it is in the best interest to protect him with the shots but choosing to give them in a safe manner.

Todd and Courtney said...

We have always given Lauren's shots on schedule. I worked in Pharmaceutical Sales before staying home with her so I knew our Pediatrician on a business level first. He is so great and always tells us what he would do with his own kids. I think reactions are so rare and people can be so incredibly opinionated about issues with children. Some a little rude, I think. Lauren has been fine, we give Tylenol 30 minutes prior, and feed right after. I don't think the Academy of Pediatrics would approve their vaccine schedule if it was really that bad.