Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Toy

Look at Caleb's new toy?? Notice anything funny?? Caleb doesn't like the toy so much yet but....

Bella does!! :) Well maybe not so much, but it was so funny to put her in it.  Caleb is not fond of the idea of sitting in this as of yet.  However, I am fond of the fact that I found it at a yard sale before he was born for 5 dollars. It cleaned up so well, and I am excited to see Caleb play in it in a few more weeks. 

Today has been a lazy day at home. Loved it though.  We have played a lot of cards, and played a lot with our little man.  We tried to take some pictures of Caleb, but he was not that into it. We got a few cute ones, but not without the beloved binky!! My child is addicted :). Oh well, we will break that habit later. I secretely love watching him suck so hard on the binky and make his little humming sound. My dad kids us and says that we could pick him up by his binky because he latches on so hard :).


Lea Liz said...

what a good deal for 5$!!!!!

I love that last picture, he just looks so precious and sweet!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie. These pictures are so sweet. My son loves his binky too. I completley understand. Atleast its something that soothes them and makes them happy and when we are ready to take it away when they are older we can take it away. Unlike a thumb.

The Parker's said...

Don't worry about the binky! You know that studies show that they can reduce the risk of SIDS?

Right now, my husband is wanting to get rid of our daughter's binky. I told him to wait until I'm done student teaching and once the new baby is born, we'll wait until he's sleeping through the night. I don't want to throw too many things at Hailey at once! A new baby brother and no binky?! Nooooooo!!!!!