Saturday, October 10, 2009


This past week my friends Beth and  Neil welcomed their little man into the world.  Jaxson River Foddrill was born on October 7th, and he weighed 7.8 and was 191/2 inches.  He looks a lot like his momma. Neil called me that morning and let me know that they were planning on taking Beth in for a C-Section that day.  I packed everything up for Caleb and I, and we headed to Lexington. Jaxson was born on our way down, but I waited until later that night to go see him. I wanted to make sure both baby and momma were out of recovery, and I had to wait for my grammy to finish her appointments so she could watch Caleb. 

I didn't know I was going to be in this picture. Attractive I know :)

In the meantime we visited Blair and baby Ashton.  Ashton is growing so much, and it was so cute to see him and Caleb together once again.  Caleb punched Ashton in the face, and I informed him that it is not nice to hit his friends. He must use nice hands from now on :). Then they held hands :) so cute. 

Also, I wanted to say a bloggy happy birthday to my hubby. His birthday was Thursday, and we celebrated last night. I made his favorite angel food cake with strawberry filling, and cool whip icing.  Happy birthday babe.

It is going to be so fun seeing Caleb, Jaxson and Ashton play together as they get older.  I am so glad that we all three had little boys, and I am excited for the future of little boy make believe to come. 

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Meant to be a mom said...

What cute pictues of Caleb with his little friend. It seems to be the year of the baby boy, everyone we know is having or has had a boy. It sounds like you know a few baby boys as well.