Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Hello Papaw

My dad stopped by for a quick visit today, and we had such a good morning with him.  He took us all out to breakfast at First Watch, and then we headed to Target to get Caleb a toy.  Papaws have to spoil their grand babies. Caleb ended up picking out 3 trains (surprise surprise). The child is obsessed with trains, and I think they are the new highlight of his life.  We also found some adorable summer clothes for Mckinlee for next year that were crazy on sale.  We went in for a toy and papaw ended up treating us to diapers, wipes, trains, socks, and clothes. Thanks Dad :).

Once we arrived home we tried to take some family pictures.  Bella was somewhere hiding while this was going on so she did not join in, and Nick was at work.  I think we got a few cute ones though.

It was great seeing you dad, Caleb keeps asking "Pa? Go?".  Come back soon. We love you!

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Lo said...

Precious moments with grandparents! I LOVE the photo of your sis with that huge dog.