Monday, October 3, 2011


There is something about fall.  Fall is magical.  Fall has a way of taking me back with just a cool breeze.  School days, football games, hiking to lovers leap, homecoming, picnics, and friendships are all snap shots in my memory.  It truly is magical.  I find myself smiling during fall thinking of past times, and reminiscing on old friendships. I do not think the changing leafs, cool breezes, and feeling of newness will ever stop taking me back.  
Since becoming a mother fall has brought about some of my favorite memories of all time.  I see fall differently now. I see it through the eyes of my children.  The sweet, innocent, blue eyes of my babies, who will one day reminisce as I have, in this beautiful season. 
I sometimes wonder what they will see.  I wonder what they will remember and associate with this time of year.  Will they see me? Will they remember our walks to look at the changing trees?  Will Caleb remember that he thought the orange tree was "hurt", and that he wanted me to kiss it?  Probably not, but I know I will never forget.  I will never ever forget that sweet innocence.  Oh how I wish I could bottle that up for the many falls to come. How I wish I could replay that in my mind when I am an old lady, sitting on the porch, taking in the sweet memories of fall, and looking back on this time. This fall with my babies.  Just as fall will turn to winter I know that one day my babies will be with their babies making memories of fall.  I hope they remember me.  I hope I can instill in them traditions that they want to both look back on and move forward with. 

They do not understand why fall happens, why the leaves change, why the breeze is cooler, or what pumpkin patches are really all about.  However, I know that they understand that I love them, that I am always there, and that I enjoy making memories with them during these fall days and everyday.  They are my world.  They are who I will look back and see.  These memories and their smiles are what I always want to remember about fall!  I am so thankful to God for their sweet little faces and the seasons of life that I get to experience with them.  I am truly going to soak up making each and every memory this fall because I know that all to soon these days too shall pass, and I will be left with just as sweet memory. 


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The Rogers Family said...

Such cute pictures! I love fall too...except Louisiana doesn't get much fall!