Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Aboard

We took a little break this morning from learning about apples, and instead headed out to celebrate a little mans birthday. Caleb's friend James turned 2 today, and we joined up with him for a morning of fun.  We headed to story time first thing this morning, and it was great as always.  My little lady is growing up so fast. It seems like only yesterday she was sleeping in the sling during story time, and now she is moving all over the floor, laughing at the songs, and enjoying the shaky eggs.  Oh are so bittersweet.

After story time we headed to the mall for lunch, and then Jame's mama treated the kids to a choo choo ride.  Our mall has a choo choo that drives all around, and Caleb has been wanting to ride it for forever. However, we had never taken the time.  You would have thought their little hearts were going to burst with happiness when they realized that they were going to ride. They all climbed aboard, got their tickets, and waited with anticipation for the train to start.  Caleb was so in love with his train ticket afterward, and he held on to it for quite a while. 

 Have I mentioned their in love?  Caleb gave her a full on kiss the other day. Hand on cheek, other hand rubbing her back, side tilted head and everything. Oh Lord held us :)

After the train we went to let them play on the playground, but that was cut short. A child peed his pants in the airplane (every ones favorite), and their was a puddle of pee in the seat. The mother nor grandmother even offered to clean it up. Instead they just left.  To our horror we watched a little girl climb in and start splashing in it.  Ughh. Caleb sat on a wet spot of it before I could grab him, and he had some other kids pee on his pants. I am in no way or shape a germaphob, but that drew the line. We immediately scooped up the kids and headed out.  I had to strip Caleb in the parking lot, and allow him to ride pants less home.  I sanitized that child up and down before his nap.  I mean seriously? I am no mother of the year, but I assure you I would have cleaned up my child's puddle of pee.  Grrrrr.

All in all it was a fabulous morning (despite the pee)! Happy Birthday Sweet James!

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Erin said...

Love the pictures!! They are too cute!