Friday, September 9, 2011

You Wanna Be On Top?

Well, I attempted again today to bring out the inner model that I know is within my children.  I mean they have faces that were made for the camera if I do say so myself.  I am a mama who loves to play dress up and try to capture some cute faces on camera. I am by no means a photographer, though I do wish I was blessed with that ability, but hey I try. 

However, once again my children proved to me that trying to take pictures of two young ones at the same time is basically impossible. 

You may have a toddler who refuses to wear pants even though you explain over and over again that the diaper bottom is not the look you were going for.  So, in turn you pick your battle, have a child in a diaper, and remind yourself that one day you will look back at this picture, remember your two year old and smile.

You may pose them in a cute position, but one will inevitably be making a funny face in which they look high

Your toddler may think it is hilarious that he let go of sister and she fell.

One will be looking while the other is not.

One will be looking while the other is not.

You may crop a picture of your toddler, just to make it look as though he was actually dressed

The photo shoots may be difficult, but model or not I still think they are beautiful to look at :).

Even when they give me this face


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