Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

So far this week has been a lot of fun.  We were not able to truly focus a lot of days last week on learning due to outings, so this week I decided to focus once again on the same concepts. 
Theme: Apple
Color: Red
Numbers: 1 and 2
Letters: A and B
Shape: Circle
Caleb has still not shown that he fully understands these concepts as of yet, and therefore I did not want to move on to quickly. He can generally identify an A by pointing and vocalizing, but a B is still voiced as an O. Every color is still blue, and the numbers 1 and 2 are way over his head so far.  I am fine with taking it slowly and introducing each of these ideas in different ways until he really understands.  He can however, identify and say Apple, but he still thinks the apple is blue. :)

Monday we started our morning with circle time. Caleb loves it. He now runs in, tries to turn around his easel himself, and plops down on the ground in anticipation of a story.  We reviewed our board, and red a book about Elmo going to the potty.  The book is great for matching, identifying, colors, counting etc, and it was a steal for 4.99 at Ollies.  Throughout the book we talked about how Elmo was red, and Caleb fell in love with a page with different balls on it. We talked about that page for a good 10 minutes. After the book we decided to let Clifford (I could not find my Elmo), the big RED dog sit on the potty. We pretended like he went pee, and cheered for him.Caleb then had to sit on the potty while holding Clifford and said "I pee potty YAY" :). 

After circle time we played with our red cars on the the car ramp.  We practiced with the concept of up and down, counted cars, and talked about the color red. 
I had a bunch of morning activities planned for that day, but Caleb seems to be getting bored quickly. I thought I would spice things up a bit to keep him interested longer so I built a fort in our living room. He LOVED it  While in the fort we colored a sheet that showed pictures of how an apple grows.  I talked to him about it while he was coloring.  I then let him practice once again with the scissors on that sheet.  He loves cutting, and he is really starting to get the hang of it.  He also spent a of time putting the colored pencils back into the box. It was amazing to watch him put so much effort into a simple task. I love seeing the world through the eyes of a child. 

We then laced cheerios (circles).  He enjoyed this activity but I think he enjoyed eating the cheerios more, so did miss Mckinlee.

After the cheerios we examined a real apple.  We talked about what it felt life, what color it was, and that it is shaped circular.  Mckinlee tried to eat it. 

Large motor play that day was spent in the garage since it was so ugly out.  We had fun kicking the red soccer ball into the goal, and jumping up and down.  Ring around the Rosey is now a huge hit as well. 

I also allowed Caleb to work on some fine motor skills while nursing Mckinlee later that day. I gave him red poker chips (circles), and hi piggy bank, and a saltines box.  I cut a slit in the saltines box, and also a square opening at the bottom.  He was able to practice placing the chips in both the piggy bank and the box.  Huge cheap hit. 


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