Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boo Boo

To love like a mother is a truly amazing experience.  You can love during the good times, you can love during the tantrums, and your heart can literally melt when your child runs up and says "mom kiss".  I find myself daily trying to make memories to always hold in the deep places of my heart. I try to take in Caleb's and Mckinlee's faces, sounds, words, hugs etc.  It saddens me because that I know my time of parenting two small children is just a stage, and that one day they to will feel the love of being a parent.

As a mother I want only what is best for my children. I want to be there when they fall, I want to guard them from all the pain of this world, and I want them to realize that they can do anything they dare to dream. I wish I could guard them from any pain, loneliness, sadness, illness, or heart break that life may have in store for them, but the fact is that I know one day I will not be able to do so. I know that one day they will have to go out on their own, fight their own battles, and make their own decisions. 

Caleb is all into the "boo boo" stage right now.  He finds a new boo boo daily and asks me to kiss it.  He does not even realize how I long to be able to do that throughout life. He does not realize that mama always wants to be there to fix whatever boo boo he may be experiencing.  I want him to stay innocent, I want to be able to protect him, and as a mother the fact of him growing up scares me. 

I want my children to know that I will always be here to listen, hold them, provide advice if wanted, and love them through every boo boo in life they may face.  I want them to know that no problem is too bad to explain to me, that I will not judge nor be upset with them, and that I long to help them in any situation. 


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