Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adventures in Baby Wearing

I never "wore" Caleb.  Before he was born I had registered for a sling, didn't receive it as a gift, and that was that.  I just went through his infancy carrying him in his pumpkin seat, placing him in the stroller, or breaking my arm carrying his 24 lb body around.  However, when I was pregnant with Mckinlee I knew that I needed some sort of "helper" to make it through my outings as a new mom with 2.  I decided against a double stroller, because they are big, heavy, and big.  I'm not really a fan.  Instead I started researching the world of baby wearing and I was amazed at what I discovered. 

Since the birth of Mckinlee I have baby wore constantly. While out in public I sometimes will be seen baby wearing Mckinlee, and carrying Caleb on my hip. It is also a life saver when your toddler decides to throw them self on the ground in protest over something. Trust me you need both hands to lift them and get them calmed down.

Before Mckinlee arrived I was gifted a Moby Wrap at my baby shower.  I was so excited, and we immediately went home, and practiced wrapping me and a Elmo doll.  It was a little intimidating at first. However, once Mckinlee arrived I started to really grasp the main wrap, and I started to get the hang of it.  However, there were a few times when she would fight me on the newborn snuggle hold, and I would be left out in public confused, frustrated, wrapped, and still have my arms full.  It really wasn't until Mckinlee was big enough for the kangaroo hold, that I became a huge fan of the Moby.

  • Comfortable
  • Tight hold
  • Lots of different holds (youtube has tons of videos)
  • A lot of fabric. It is not easy to take with you, and generally I would have to wrap myself before I left the house, or leave it in the car.
  • Hot in the summer
  • Pulls your shirt in weird ways
  • Frustrating at times

Once I realized that the Moby was not always working for me I started looking into other forms of baby wearing. I was introduced to the ring sling through baby center, and it has been my lifesaver!! I ordered a purple ring sling from, and it is my all time favorite baby item.  Mckinlee likes to be held a lot, so it gives me hands free access while at home, is small enough to fit in diaper bag, very simple to put on, and also has various different holds. It also has a long piece of cloth that will cover you and baby while in public if you have to nurse.  Mckinlee basically lives in this sling when we are out of the house, and she even takes full naps in it if we are out of the house.

  • lightweight
  • simple
  • various holds
  • small enough to fit in bag
  • does not mess with clothes
  • coverage for nursing
  • comfortable
  • not as secure as the moby if you have to bend over

Baby wearing has been an amazing adventure with Mckinlee's infancy. It has provided bonding, simplicity, and safety to our family, and I am so glad the options are out there. I strongly recommend it to any mama out there (especially those who are soon going to have 2). 

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I love your posts about this kind of stuff... I always book mark them for the future!