Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

Okay, I think I am going to start doing a Wed. and Friday post about our "learning" process. 

As mentioned in yesterdays post the theme this week is Apples. We are also focusing on the color red, letters A and B, the numbers 1 and 2, and the circle shape. Our Bible Verse of the week is " God created all things" John 1:3.

This morning I asked Caleb is my most upbeat teacher voice if he wanted to go to his room and have circle timeeeee (you have to exaggerate the words to make them sound fun).  He immediately started running to his room saying "Yay"! I gave him his rectangle (dish cloth) to sit on, his red Clifford dog, and we read our Clifford story all while pointing out the red objects.  He was so excited to connect his Clifford with the one in the book.  After the story I asked him what color Clifford was and he said "buuee" of course :).  We will get there. We also looked over our learning board, and reviewed our name flash cards.  I always pull out the names of who came to story time. Sometimes Bella is included.  This is just to help Caleb learn to identify his name. We also practice finding letters within the flash cards when he is in the mood. 

After circle time we went on an apple hunt. I cut small apples out, colored them red, and I placed them around his room. He had a bucket, and he would find the apples and place them in the bucket. After 4 times of him finding them he then decided he wanted to hide them.  After he hid them he decided that all the apples were asleep and started whispering "sshhh aaapllee".  He then placed his bucket on his bed, covered him up and motioned for Mckinlee and I to step out of the room. He shh us the whole way and closed his door.  Haha You have to love their imagination.

So since the apples were sleeping we moved to the living room, and we learned about the inside of an apple. I printed these cards from toddlerboredombusters, and attempted to show them to Caleb. He liked finding and playing with the apple seed, but that was about it. I then gave him a red coloring pencil and a paper to color and apple. He is an artist if I do say so myself :). 

After he was done drawing his picture we moved outside. I gave him a circle cardboard piece to paint with apple pieces. He had red paint and cinnamon to paint with. The circle will be used tomorrow as a Frisbee for outdoor play time. 

We had some outdoor play in which Mckinlee enjoyed swinging, and Caleb enjoyed building a train track. 

Overall, this morning was a fantastic adventure. My child learned to say the word apple, played with apple seeds, used his imagination, and decided that Clifford was now a Blue dog :). 

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Lo said...

I LOVE the apple hunt game! And he is darling, putting them to "sleep." Both our guys think red is blue. Such boys through and through!! lol I look forward to your every post, don't leave me hanging, I'll be checking every Wed and Fri!