Sunday, May 1, 2011


My child has an love Obsession for a little red, furry character named ELMO.  He will literally stop dead in his tracks when he hears his voice, and he loves to dance while Elmo sings.  I was so excited to hear that Sesame Street Live was coming to our area, and thanks to Papaw Caleb got to go meet the real Elmo yesterday. 

We made sure the babies had good naps, full tummies, and cute outfits on before we left.  Every time we would ask Caleb if he wanted to go meet Elmo he would shake his head yes, and then hold his arms up like "where is he?".  I knew he was going to have so much fun.

Once we arrived Caleb was mesmerized.  He did not take his eye off the stage the entire first half, and when you asked him where Elmo was he would point right to him.  He didn't even fuss during the 15 minute intermission, or cry for a 10 dollar Elmo balloon. 

The second half started off a little slower, but once Elmo made a reappearance he was hooked again. 

 He would clap after every song, and stop clapping when everyone else did.  When did he get so big?
The show was so fun.  The characters singing, dancing, bright lights, special effect, and disco lighting kept all toddlers entertained! It was a great experience, and I am so glad we were able to take him.  Mckinlee slept through the entire thing, but one day she will enjoy Elmo as well. 

He loved seeing Elmo so much that he decided to poop for the very first time in the potty last night!! I had him naked, sitting on the potty, watching Mickey Mouse. He stood up and started to pee, so I quickly placed him on the potty.  I made it just in time for his poopy to land in the bowl.  I was so excited and cheered for him.  He tried to grab his turd haha. We flushed it and did a celebratory potty dance!! I then realized that I had not taken a picture of him beside his very first turd (I know a little Kate Gosslin, but it was a big moment).  I made hubby snap a picture just so we could remember the night!!


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Lyryn said...

How fun!!! And great job little man on the potty!!!