Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We All Have A Hillbilly Bone

Two weekends ago Caleb, Mckinlee and I traveled to my hometown for our annual Hillbilly Day Festival.  I have to admit that I absolutely love Hillbilly Days, and I enjoy going every year.  Unfortunately, Nick could not make it this year due to work.  It was different this year because I had two children, and a lot of my friends were not in town, but it was so much fun. 

When we first arrived on Thursday we traveled downtown to the Tiki Bar (a man cave) with my dad and visited with people.  Friday my dad and I took Caleb to the carnival, and he was so spoiled.  He really enjoyed the rides that day, and we had so much fun watching him.

However, the highlight of his day was playing this "fishing" game.  Basically you pay 5 dollars to pick up two fish, and really all Caleb wanted to do was play in the water. However, papaw decided that he needed to play this two times....I think Papaw has a hard time saying no, but Caleb was so thrilled. 

We also got to get together on Friday with Blair/Ashton, and the Foddrills. It was so good to get our little guys together again and to show off miss Mckinlee.

Saturday The Foddrills and I took the boys to the carnival again.  Caleb was NOT a fan that day. He cried on every single ride. We did run into a certain little cutie you may recognize from here, but Caleb was a crying mess the entire time. 

We had so much fun visiting with family and friends, and the little ones were so spoiled and loved.  It was a great visit home. 

 Caleb found my old baby doll and really took a liking to it.  He would "feed" his baby, kiss and burp it. It was hilarious!

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Brit said...

awww i'm glad I got to see you and the little man....just sad that I didn't get to see Mckinlee! =)