Friday, May 6, 2011

Mckinlee 3 Months

Sweet sweet bundle, you are 3 months old today.  You are basically an infant now, and very few newborn characteristics remain.  You are such a blessing to my life, and each day is better because you are in it.  I long for you to remain little, but I look forward to seeing you grow into a young woman.  I look forward to the mother daughter bond that we will form.  However, for now I long to cherish every snuggle, kiss, and smile we share.  I love you my sweet Princess.

Mckinlee at 3 Months:

Eating:  You are eating every 2 1/2-3 hours during the day.  You have about 6 nursing sessions.  You do not eat in the middle of night, but you wake up every morning around 6-6:30 to eat.  You are nursing from one side each session, and you take about 20 minutes.  You also take a nighttime bottle of breast milk before bed (4 ounces).  You have no nipple confusion.

Sleeping:  You just started going to bed at 9 instead of 10, and you are sleeping until 6-6:30.  The last few nights you have fussed a little around 4, but the binky helps you fall back to sleep.  You are generally only awake for about one hour to 1 1/2 hours after each nap. You then go down for about an hour before you wake to eat again.  You will still only sleep on your tummy, with you soothie binky. 

Size:  You were 9 lbs 10 ounces, 21 1/2 inches, and head circum. of 41 at your 2 month check up.  You are now 10 lbs 7 ounces.  You are wearing nb and 0-3 month clothes, and you wear a size 1 diaper.  You are still in size 0 shoes.

Exciting New Things:
  • You are big enough for me to hold on my hip now, and you love to be held that way.
  • You are starting to reach for toys.
  • You smile at everything.  All I have to do is look at you and you start smiling.
  • You love to coo. You always say "I gooooo" is a whisper and "ohhhhhh ahhhh". You have the sweetest little voice.
  • You cry sounds like a kitty cat meowing.
  • You do not react to Caleb at all. Even if he accidentally hits you with something, or kisses all over you.
  • You smile in the morning when I get you out of your crib.
  • You are becoming less fussy in the evening.
  • You love your bath.
  • You love to be carried in my sling.
  • You celebrated your first Easter, and you looked oh so pretty.
  • You are a mommys girl.  You generally fuss if anyone else holds you for to long.  However, you and I are bff's.
  • You reflux is under control, and you take your medicine like a champ.
  • We are still trying to get rid of the last little bit of thrush on your cheeks.  Annoying!

You are the most precious little girl in the entire world.  I am so thankful for the blessing of calling you my daughter. 


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Momma B. said...

She is such a doll! Sounds like she is doing really well with feeding and sleeping too! You have truly been blessed, love you!