Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zoo Post #1

Yesterday, hubby had a fun filled family day planned!! He had planned to take us to the zoo during the day, and then he and I and another couple were going to have date night that night.  I looked forward to yesterday all week.  Caleb and I read lots of zoo books, practiced our animal sounds, and prepared for our fun filled day.  I just knew Caleb would love the zoo, and he did!!

Every animal we saw he would just stare at and point with amazement.  Of course he did do the scared sign for some as expected (he is all about being scared these days).  However, all in all he loved it. 

The polar bears and monkeys gave us quite a show.  Two polar bears were playing in the water.  They were wrestling, and jumping off the side onto each other. It was hilarious.  I have never seen them be so active.  The zoo babies were out, and there was one baby monkey named Clara that I was in LOVE with. She was so tiny, active, and cuddly to her mama. 

I had to laugh at one monkey family. They were all eating, and the daddy was sitting up above the mama and baby taking his time and enjoying his food.  The mama was trying to eat with one hand, while trying to keep her baby monkey by her side with the other. Finally, she had to put down her food and hold her baby to calm it down.  Sound familiar??  Even animal mamas never get to finish a meal.  :) 

After lunch we took Caleb to the childrens zoo to play and pet animals.  He loved the play ground, and actually was not as shy as I thought he would be with the goats. 

It was a GREAT day! We all had a great day, including little miss, who of course slept through most of it :).  
(Don't worry we tightened her straps). 

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