Thursday, May 5, 2011

Caleb 21 Months

My sweet little man, you turned 21 months yesterday. That is oh so close to 2, and oh so very old.  You are a little boy now, you really have very little baby left in you, and this saddens my heart.  I long to hold onto your chubby little baby cheeks, your reaches for me when you are hurt, your smile when I walk in the room, and your morning snuggles forever. I know each are fleeting with every new month, and that one day they will be merely memories....sigh.  I love you my sweet little man!

At 21 Months

Eating: You are becoming super picky, and you do not eat nearly as much as you used to.  Basically the only veggies I can get you to eat anymore are peas and green beans.  Fruit however, you love.  You also have a huge sweet tooth, and you think the world revolves around "fiiishhh" (gold fish). You will seriously eat "fiiishh" for every meal if I let you.

Sleeping: After your escapade of climbing out of your pack n play last month we transitioned you back to your toddler bed.  The first week was HARD.  Dada and I had to go back and return you to your bed every 5-10 minutes it seemed like. You would cry, bang on the door, point to your pack n play and sign "please".  It was pitiful, and it broke my heart. You are doing great now. You go down to bed easily, and occasionally you will awake during the middle of the night and knock on your door, but you are easy to put back down.  A few times your door has not been closed tight, and you have come into our room, and climb up beside me. You are so big. You are taking one nap a day for about 2 hours, and you go to bed at 9:30 and sleep till 8ish.

Size: You are 27 lbs, and you are still wearing 24 months.  Size 4 diaper, and size 4-5 shoe.

Speech: You have really expanded your vocabulary this month. You are still not a "talker", but you talk a whole lot more.  You say good all the time. You also say "mum" now instead of mama.  You have really started to try to repeat us more.  If  I say one you say "twooo".  You still sign all the time.  You have added the sign for car to your vocab, and you also sign "hurt" when you are scared of something.

Exciting New Things:
  • You have really started playing with your friends this month, not just playing around them.  This makes me so happy. You have a special place in your heart for Presley Kate.
  • You breastfeed, burp, and snuggle your baby doll.  I have also noticed you hitting the doll in the head a few times (remind me not to leave you alone with Mckinlee) :). 
  • You pretend play a lot now.
  • You love to stand in your soccer chair, look out the window, and point to our cars.  You will point to mine and say "mum", and you will point to dadas truck and say "dada".
  • You must give Bella a kiss before we go bye bye now.
  • You hold hands with Presley, and give her kisses.
  • You love to play in Mckinlee's crib with her.
  • If Mckinlee is playing in the floor, and I am interacting with her, you will watch and then mock what I do.
  • You have become such a mocker.
  • You head bang when you dance now. HILARIOUS!!
  • You will play with your tiny cars for forever! You roll them on all surfaces of our home
  • You still snuggle me after your nap like a little baby.  I love it.
  • You always have to "pump" when I do.
  • You wave bye bye to everyone and everything when we are going somewhere.
  • You pooped in your potty one time.
  • You always sit on your potty after bath, and you play with your foam bath toys.  This is when you will usually count with me.
  • You helped me give Bella a bath the other day.  After bath we always wrap you in your towel, and then brush your teeth.  We got Bella out of the bath, and wrapped he in a towel, and you said "teeth".  It was hilarious, but hard to explain to you that Bella did not need her teeth brushed.
  • You love to snuggle again with me in the morning :).  You then usually stick your sippy of milk in my face.
  • You are obsessed with your cozy coupe the bunny got you.
  • You love to ride your tricycle now.
  • You are so laid back in situations.  Today at story time, you were going up to get a shaky egg, and you were one of the first kids in line. All the other kids swarmed around and you backed up and waited until everyone else had theirs, and then you got yours. 
  • You will not stay in the church nursery right now!!
  • You always sign please and thank you together. 
  • You still LOVE Mckinlee. 
  • You are scared of a lot of things now. You notice all weird sounds and you always sign "hurt" when you are scared. 


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