Friday, May 13, 2011

Why Hello Sunshine

I must begin this post by stating that I am oh so excited about 2 things.  One being that blogger is finally up and running again.  I was becoming a little bored with no new blog posts.  Two being this glorious sunshine that has finally made an appearance the last few days.  You do not even understand how excited I am for summer. I love love love hot weather and everything it brings with it.  I could seriously live 365 days a year poolside and never get bored.  I know it is suppose to start thunder storming again this weekend, bummer, but I am so thankful for the few beautiful days we have had this week. 

Yesterday we were seriously water logs.  We were in swimsuits, and taking in the sunshine for most of the day.  While dada was at work, Caleb, Mckinlee and I played in the backyard.  We filled the baby pool, laid out a blanket, and took in the glorious warm weather.  It was great Vitamin D for us all.  Caleb loved splashing in the pool, and running around the backyard naked.  I did not see a point in putting an expensive swimmer diaper on him just to swim alone, and we needed his trunks to be dry for our drive to Coco Key Water Park.

CoCo Key is in indoor water resort in our area. On Thursday they run an amazingly cheap deal after 4 pm, and this is the second time we have taken advantage of it. This time we even took little miss, who looked 12 kinds of adorable in her itty bitty bikini.  Caleb was not as big on the water slides this trip, but he was so thrilled with the lazy river and the water play place. He is all boy.  Give that child a steering wheel that squirts water, and he is entertained for hours.  It was such a great day/week, and I am looking forward to the warm summer days to come.  It is going to be a grand one. 


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UpperBottom said...

hi, sarah! i'm a first time visitor... what a beautiful family! and i, too, could live by a pool all year long. but if i'm hot by a pool, i do NOT like the heat of summer. it's wretched in the south.

nice meeting you!