Thursday, May 5, 2011

Extreme new life with Jillian and Coupons

I have taken up two new hobbies.  One I am excited about...the other I dread, but that is another story.  I am now a 30 Day Shredder and a (hope to be) Extreme Couponer.  These hobbies have now taken the place of my afternoon nap, and I am really working to master them both. 

My 30 Day Shred expedition began yesterday, when some mama friends of mine and myself decided to start together. We met up at 11 am babies in hand, and attempted this tremendously awful workout.  I wish that Jillian could have been a fly on the wall to watch us.  We did not only laugh at her sexual faces and sounds she made while doing her jumping jacks (I swear the woman gets off to working out), but we also whined and moaned the entire time.  The workout was also a little modified because we had 3 one year olds and a newborn in attendance.  We did not need weights because our babies wanted to be held and lifted throughout the workout.  Our children all decided that it would be great fun to straddle our stomachs as if we were a horse while doing abs.  I mean seriously, I have given birth to two children in less than two years, so needless to say my abs are shot. I have a hard enough time as it is doing abs alone, without adding my 27 lb son to the picture.  Jumping jacks for me consisted of hopping across the room, trying not to pee on myself, and replacing my daughters binky.  Oh, and the jump rope exercise....lets just say that Caleb tried to reenter the portal to his birth with every jump.  It was definitely a workout for the record books, and one I wish we had pictures of.  

I have to admit I am not excited about the shred. I hate to work out, and I can think of about 1 million more exciting things to due during my down time.  However, if I want a bikini body I better get on it....I say this as I am writing a blog post instead of working out during nap time......I may be making excuses....I mean I am sore after all :).

Even though I am not so excited about the shred I am thrilled about my new "job" as a coupon diva.  I have really been studying up, buying Sunday papers, checking this amazing website for the best deals, and trying to save our family a little money. I am pleased to announce that I saved 66.90 at Walgreens last night.  I was able to buy
  • 4 things of Colgate toothpaste
  • 2 Irish Spring Body Washes
  • 2 Loreal Infallible lipsticks
  • 2 Morton's Salt
  • 4 cans of mandarin oranges
  • 5 things of dawn dish soap
  • 1 bag of Tostitos
  • 2 things of salsa
  • 3 toilet bowl cleaners
  • Gillette razor for hubby
  • 4 cans of chicken broth
  • Rain check for toothbrushes because they were out
  • 3 boxes of cheezits
All for 45.00.  I had some really amazing deals and I even got 5.00 in Register Rewards to use on my next Walgreens trip. It was exhilarating, and I am determined to become as great as the people on TLC's show!!

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