Friday, April 30, 2010

To the Gulf or Bust

It is that time of year again.  Vacay time that is.  Mama Taylor/her family, Hubby/Caleb and I have had a two family vacay in the planning for months now.  We plan to travel to the Gulf and enjoy some family time/cute babies on the beach time.  We had found the perfect condo to rent (or so we thought), and we had our vacation all booked and planned for the last week of May.  Yes, that is three weeks away.  Well, we had sent in the down payment, and we thought everything was good to go.  However, we find out today from the owners of the condo, that they have sold the condo and will no longer be able to rent it out to us.  Yes, I said soldAs in they no longer own it, as in we no longer have a place to stay, as in our vacay is three weeks away, and there is no way we can find another place in time.  Ughhh!! I was beyond a little stressed. We are getting our deposit back, but is looks like our vacay is going to be postponed until the middle of  July.  Sucky, because I was looking forward to a beach in three weeks, and now I have to wait a little over 2 months.  However, all things work together for the good, and I have hopefully found the PERFECT place to stay.  It is within budget, and right across the street from the beach.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that when the owner calls me back it will be good news. 


Katrina said...

Awe, that's a bummer. Have you heard of they list all kinds of houses/cabins/condos for rent. =) Hope you find something!

Christina said...

OH no! Hope you find something else though!

Meant to be a mom said...

I can't believe they just up and sold it when you had already set up to rent it. Not right at all. Don't they realize what that does to someones plans. I hope they figure something out that fixes this for you.