Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Because he's CUTE

Nothing new to blog about today.  I just thought you might want to see more pics of my little man from Easter weekend.  If you don't I know the g-parents will.

Daddy loves styling Caleb's hair in the tub.

Wearing his Chelsea uniform, all the way from England, to watch the game with dada.  Dada is hoping Caleb will love soccer one day. The shorts are still a little long and look like high waters, but he was oh so cute.



Beth said...

LOVE the bath pic-he is soooo freakin cute!

The Dorns said...

LOVE LOVE the soccer outfit. My husband would die if I could find Landon a lil Arsenal jersey and shorts.

Meant to be a mom said...

haha, I absolutely love that soccer outfit. He is just the cutest!

Ms. J said...

He is SO adorable! That bath pic is priceless.