Friday, April 23, 2010

So I Don't Have to Kill My Pediatricians Now

Okay, you may or may not know about the "illness" struggle that has taken over our household this month.  The illness monster started attacking my little baby, and trust me this mama was about to attack it!! Anyway, long story short in bullets
  • Week before we left for Florida Caleb had a runny nose and cough. We went to the doc just to make sure there was no ear infection/anything in lungs. He checked out fine
  • 2 weeks later he still has a runny nose and cough. I take him to another doc in our pedi group and he diagnosis him with a sinus infection and gives us amoxicillan. On top of this he tells me Caleb does not have thrush when I know he does.
  • 2 days later Calebs mouth breaks out in white and I call the doc and demand thrush medicine. 
  • Take Amoxicillan for 10 days and he is still not cleared up and cough is worse. Go back to the doc and see another pedi in the group.  He comes up with a "viral infection" and calls in two other perscriptions.  He then tells me that amoxicillan makes thrush worse OMG I am going to Kill these doctors!!!
  • Thrush still there 2 round antibiotic for it!! Give Caleb a few rounds of the "viral infection" antibiotic, and then I decide that I need to find out what is wrong and not just give medicine for nothing.
  • Go to Billy Days this past weekend and Calebs eyes start swelling and becoming itchy and red all the time.  I wait until today to make sure I was not being paranoid and went back to the doc.
  • FINALLY I get to see the first doc that told me long ago Caleb needed no medicine and just had a cold and I LOVE HIM!!! He checked Caleb out, said it was crazy for him to have ever taken any of those meds to begin with, and he FINALLY figured out what was wrong!!
  • MY BABY HAS INDOOR ALLERGIES.  Outdoor allergies generally do not show up until babies 2nd year of life, however, indoor can show up around 8-9 months. He said it could be caused my carpet, pets, cleaning supplies etc etc.  He said it was for sure allergies because his nasal cavaties were pale, and his eyes had small bumps under the lids.  He answered tons and tons of questions for me, gave me reading material to stock up on knowledge, recommended a medicine but gave me all the paper work to read up on first. OMG he was a life saver because I was really about to switch pediatricians!!! We will NEVER see anyone else. We are not exactly sure what is causing Caleb's allergies at this point, but in the next few months we will be trying to rule some things out.
I am so thankful that we know what is going on with my little man. I have literally been to the doc ever week this month with something new. It has killed me just giving him medicine for something that he might have!!  I just wanted to know for sure!  I hate that he has allergies, but we will figure out how to make him comfortable over time.  This doctor was so great, he even checked to make sure that Caleb did not have lumps in his belly by request of me, because due to his cough and droopy eye I had diagnosed him with neuroblastoma via google! (I know I am never googling again)!!! Thank you God for a doctor that I feel comfortable and confident with.

On another note this week has been full of bargains! I found a 25 dollar high chair at once up a child for Meemaw's house yesterday! Today we went to a consignment sale at a local church and I stocked up on a ten dollar perfect bassinet for baby #2 (one day), and a table and chair set for Caleb for 25 dollars, a Jesus loves me CD for 1 dollar, and a pair of shoes for 3 dollars!! So excited about  my finds!

Getting the highchair in my car was quite the task! Lucky mama Taylor was there to help!
Here are a few pics of little man from the past week to hold the g-parents over!!

This is how excited Caleb was about Billying!
He loves to blow raspberrys now!



Ms. J said...

Google can be a bad thing!! Pretty much every symptom is a sign of some fatal disease! So glad you were able to figure what was wrong with your sweet babe! Hope you can pinpoint exactly what he is allergic to soon!

Yay for bargains!! :) Have a great weekend!!

Christina said...

Wow, that's a crazy, crazy doctor journey there, geez!!
My daughter has allergies too. She just got diagnosed, but Ive known it. Its just bad this year, and they really are effecting her...and me!
Glad you got answers!