Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dada Meet-up

These past few weeks have been great hanging out and getting to know new mama's.  It is so fun to have people who are at the same point in life as you to hang out with.  This weekend we decided to finally get the hubsters together, because we knew they would click just as well as we all did.  Mama Brittney had us over to her beautiful home for a cookout and it was so much fun.  The babies enjoyed playing together, and the hub's all seemed like they got a long very well.  It was a great time!

All the hubby's trying to build the fire

On another note, we did figure out our vacay ordeal.  Unfortunately we will not be going on vacay any longer at the end of this month.  However, I did find a place for mid-July for us to vacay at.  It was only 100 dollars than the other home, which is a miracle in prime vacay season.  Even though we are bummed a little, we know that we will have a wonderful time in July.  The crazy thing is that two weeks after we get back from vacay my little man will be turning ONE!!! Goodness time is flying by. 

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