Monday, April 26, 2010

You Give Me Fever

So remember the awesome steal I found the other day at the consignment sale? You know the $10 dollar bassinet that will be used one day for our next baby??

Well, that little bassinet gave me baby fever for another one of these little miracles

The ones that snuggle so long and sweet on your chest

The ones that look so tiny in the carseat that they outgrow so fast

The ones that were the exact same size as our little princess Bella
The ones that fill the first week with so much happiness, love, and sleepless nights

Aww how I miss my newborn baby.  I tried to get Caleb to fill my newborn baby fever by doing this to him

He was not to interested in playing along

Oh newborn babies are the sweetest.  However, they do not beat my little butt scooter, knee sitting, cuddle bug who claps, waves, gives high fives, and talks to me using the new word he learned this weekend,  "Baaa Baa".  Oh I love my little man and I can not believe how much he has grown :*(.  Eight months so far has been filled with so much excitment and new adventures, and it just keeps getting better!


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