Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hillbilly Daze

We are home safe and sound from HBD2K10!!! It was a blast.  We arrived later than planned on Friday, so our actual time spent in town was short lived.  However, we had a wonderful time at Uncle Brians "Tiki Bar"/Basement of his house as always, and everyone was really excited to see Caleb.

 Caleb was so excited about hillbillying that he even started clapping and waving his hands while saying HI while we were downtown.  I guess the bluegrass music excited him.  We have been lucky enough to see him wave and clap all weekend, and I have to admit he melts my heart. 

Caleb also had a lot to clap about on Saturday when he was able to swim in a big pool for the first time.  He loved it, and we actual have a video where he is kicking his legs and it looks like he is swimming.  I personally loved the cute little baby booty hanging out of his onesie while he was floating around.  Oh so cute. He is going to be such a water log this summer.

looking cool in his new shades

Friday night my family watched Caleb while Nick and I took the night off and hung out with some high school friends of mine.  Caleb did okay, except for a little break down around 1 am, but they were able to get him calmed down and back to sleep.  Nick and I had a lot of fun ghost hunting and having some hillbilly drinks at my friend Dillon's house.  We all ended up crashing there that night, and then arriving back at my grandmothers before Caleb woke up the next morning.
(Next few pictures sum up our hillbilly daze night) 
sis and I having a moment
I was obsessed with playing with her belly button

Hillbilly Days was great once again this year. It is always a fun time to see family, hang out with friends, and celebrate our "hillbilly heritage".  It is also great to travel home and see the mountains in full bloom for the first time each year!



Meant to be a mom said...

You guys are so funny. I'm glad you enjoyed your adult night without the kiddo.
I love the swimming pics. cute!

Ms. J said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Family time is the best :)