Thursday, April 15, 2010

It Happened to Me

Oh dear oh dear I have an awful story to tell today that involves my dear sweet precious, a boppy pillow, a couch, and a crying mama.  I'll start at the beginning....

You see Mama Taylor and I have made new friends with two new mama's this past month, and we have all been hanging out a lot! I first have to admit that it is wonderful to have more friends, and to have things to do during the day.  So anyway, we decided to lay out at the pool at my apartment today, and everyone was on their way over.  Well Caleb woke up from his nap, I grabbed the stuff for his bottle, laid him in his boppy pillow on the couch, and then there was a knock at the door.  I quickly got up (forgetting of course that my baby love to MOVE now), opened the door and turned back around to give Caleb his bottle.  Just then I see a flash of baby perfect skin falling to the ground!! I RUN OVER TO MY BABY, SCOOP HIM UP, and BEGIN CHECKING HIM OVER.  No bruises, no hurt bones, just tears.  I hold my baby, give him his bottle, and begin letting the freak out in my head begin. "What if he would have broken his neck, what if he would have broken his arm, am I an awful mama, oh goodness is my baby okay....etc etc".  Luckily my new mama friend was there to assure me that it was okay, that it happens, and to not dwell on the what ifs. So yes bloggy friends, my baby fell off the couch! I said it would never happen to me but it did!!! I think I will be overly paranoid about him sitting on couches from now on!!

This pic was taken of him and Miss Presley about 15 minutes after the fall. As you can tell he is fine!
The babies fort at the pool

On another note, I have been a bad blogger this week.  I decided I would just share a few pics of what we have been into.

Better pics of this day to come in another post!! Caleb LOVED playing in the pool!

Now lets play a game.  Can anyone guess where we are headed this weekend?

It is a place where you walk through streets like this.....

See people dressed like this....

(a pic of my great aunts I found online for the event website)

And have the best time ever!!

Anyone know?? We are headed to Caleb's very first HILLBILLY DAYS in my hometown, and we are ohh soo excited!!



Christa said...

aww you poor Mama! that must have scared you half to death! I'm glad he's okay and HillBilly Days sounds like sooo much fun!

Ashlee McCrary said...

dont worry! this happens to other mommies too! rylie did the exact same thing at 3 mos old! i FREAKED out & called her dr immediately & took her in. she was just fine. it was her first booboo. i still cant believe at 3 mos she went from laying down with a boppy around her to flipping completely forward off the couch-she had a stronger abdomen than we thought! lol