Friday, April 9, 2010

Penny Pinching Baby Style

First of all thank you to everyone who gave me their advice on my previous post.  I have contacted my doctor and done some research as well.  The doctor said that he feels Caleb is fine with the 25 ounces he is getting since he is gaining weight, and doing great.  However, I did research on babycenter and I found an amazing site that helps you schedule your babies feedings by age.  I think I am going to try their method and try to make sure that Caleb gets at least 30 ounces per day until he is 9 months.  Here is the site it is amazing.

I decided to do a post showing just how much we have saved during Caleb's infancy by not being too picky about items.  I am strong willed about not spending to much on babies because they outgrow things so quickly.  I am so for accepting things for free/finding a good deal on items.  However, I am also not a germaphob or freaked out about the fact that another baby has used the same item, or do I believe I have to have everything new.  I am not saying that is a bad way to think, I am just saying I am not like that at all.

I mean, I know it is exciting when you register, and you want everything perfect and matchy matchy.  However, when it is time for baby, and you are still missing key items, and you see how much they cost your mind changes.  I mean a baby doesn't know what color their highchair is, or if it matches the stroller etc etc.

Here is my list to show you how we have saved..

Peg Perego highchair: Retails $179-229.  We got ours as a hand-me-down for FREE!! Nothing wrong with it, just maybe not the color/pattern I would have chosen.

Graco Pack-n-play: Retails $69.00-179.00. 2 Hand me downs for FREE. I may decide to buy a new one when we have another baby, simply because of the changing pad/it being the bassinet.  However, for Caleb the ones we have are working great. 

Bassinet:  89.00 and up.  We borrowed two from my great-aunt.  The one we had did the job, but I was not to happy with the wicker siding. I had it basically covered the entire time Caleb slept in it, so he would not rub his face on it. We will not use it again, but we did not waste the money to begin with. A pack-n-play will do the same job and I understand that I do not need both next baby.

Jump-a-roo: Retail $100.  I borrowed my Rainforest brand one from my brother for FREE. 

The beloved SWING!! Every new moms must have.  Retail: 100-139.  My neighbor let us borrow hers, and it was my FAV baby item.  We will need to buy a swing for our next baby, but I have loved not having to spend the money this go around.

Exersaucer-  Retail $79.00. I bought mine for 5 dollars at a yard sale and cleaned it up.  Good as new.

Bumbo- Retail 40.00 Bought for 3 dollars as same yard sale.

Britax Marathon Car Seat: Retail: 279.00.  Bought ours gently used, never in an accident, for 110 dollars.   

Total at highest retail of all items: $1134.00 (scary number!)
Total at lowest retail of all items: $935.00 (still scary)
Total we have spent: $118.00 (YAY)

I also buy a lot of Caleb's clothes at Once Upon a Child, different consignment shops, or on sale! There is to much to pay for with babies, and it is always great to save a little here and there on things that you can.  Hope this helps any mama to be understand that they do not have to break their bank. 

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Marice said...

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Abby said...

Very well said! You know I agree! I think sharing/borrowing/thrifting is totally the way to go with baby stuff. They grow out of EVERYTHING so quickly! Good for you, girl :)

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

I get a lot of things from Freecycle, garage sales, and consignment stores. Anything new usually comes from the family!

Great job on the savings!

Christina said...

WE got soooo much free stuff also when we had the girls. I'm so grateful for everyone, and everything! Everything you got for free, so did we. We only spend a little money here and there for things we couldn't borrow or find cheaper...good job! :)

Joni said...

Such an adorable little boy. IF I am reading correctly, your son was born the same day my son was... August 4, 2009. His name is Elijah though!

I am a new friend from FF. Hope to see you over at my place sometime. I have a giveaway I would love for you to enter. Come by for your chance to win and become a follower.

Sand ... Man said...

Newest follower from Friday Follow! Your son is absolutely handsome!!!

Have a wonderful Friday!


Meant to be a mom said...

What a good saver you are. I'm not apposed to getting used items. Especially if its a hand me down from someone we know.
Good for you!

Angelica said...

Found you from the UBP! Hope you come over and meet us

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

Sarah, You have an awesome blog here =) Found you at the UBP! I neeeeed to be more savy on saving money, I look forward to following your blog. Caleb is a DOLL, nice to meet you and get a peak into your world =) Come by and enter for my GIVEAWAY:

~~Lina~~ said...

Stopping by (late) from FF. Hope you had a great weekend. Love your layout!!
Your son is around the same age as my youngest daughter Ella. She is born September 14th.
Come on over and visit me!

Happy sunday!

Rebecca said...

Whoot~whoot! Hurray for savings! I love saving moola. It can certainly add up with children. Beautiful blog. I'm stopping by from the blog party!
Your little munchkin is super cute!
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Jenn said...

WOW I love it!! Great job!! :D

Stopping by for the party!! Nice to meet you! :) Hope you are having fun at the UBP!

Jenni ("Miss Tutu")
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Terin Selena said...

Oh wow! Those are great savings!! See you around the UBP!

Ann said...

Hi!! ☺ I am stopping by from UBP! I hope you have a great week! Feel free to some by and say hi :)

MollyinMinn said...

Good for you. I couldn't agree more. There are some things that are worth the money. But so many are just find to use and reuse and borrow and sell. Kudos!