Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So I Creep....

I creep Yeah....(TLC anyone????Not the channel....the music group)  Sorry the song was just playing over and over in my head as I wrote that title.  I might just have to bust out into "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls...".  Okay, enough of that.  I assure you I am not writing a post to discuss old time music that daily pops back into my head, as I dance around and sing off key to my baby.  However, I am going to discuss my baby and this stage known as creeping...or in Caleb's case inching.

I am just going to come out and say that Caleb has absolutely NO INTEREST as of yet in crawling, or becoming mobile at all.  He is so content sitting with a toy and finding out everything about it.  He will look at it, move it from hand to hand, flip it, and then inevitably eat it.  I read in a parenting magazine that babies his age either love to examine toys, or are ready to get up and move.  My child is definitely not the last. 

However, with all this being said, I feel a certain pressure being as his mama to try to introduce him to the world of mobility.  We practice rolling from back to tummy, tummy to back, all to get a toy on the other side of the room everyday.  Sometimes he plays along, and other times he could care less. He will flip over on his back and stare at the circles on his walls and be perfectly content.  We also practice tummy time and the phase known as creeping.  I place Caleb on his tummy, put a toy or multiple toys just out of arms reach in front of him and wait for something to happen.  He will raise himself up on his arms and yell a little, try to scoot a little bit, ultimately he will place his head on the ground and coo. 

Today during tummy time I shook the toy in front of him and sang an old school song to keep his attention.  He started to creep for a split second, and then he noticed his hands.  He stopped, watched his fingers, and began to figure out what all he could do with them. I had to laugh.  With all that being said my child may crawl by the time he is one :).  I do not foresee it being any time in the near future however :).  I guess I am okay with that though, it is too easy when the can't move around. 

Just for curiosity....when did you baby begin crawling/rolling to get toys

On another note I think Caleb has said his first word and I have just not registered it.  He always says "HEY", but I dunno if he is really saying the word or just making sounds that are similar to the word??? Who knows.  I am just waiting on "MaMa" so I can say that was his first :)". 



The Lutz Family said...

My little guy started crawling around ten just happens don't stress over it! He'll be walking before you know it.

The Dorns said...

That OK crawling typically doesn't start until around the 8th month. I know you probably read other peoples kids doing it sooner but the majority of kids don't do until the 8th month or later.

You are doing exactly what you should be doing. Lots of floor time some interesting toys around him. The less time he spends in a bouncy chair, jumperoo, walker or exersaucer the better. If you do those dont do more then 20 minutes at a time as its not good for the hips or development. (You can still do it a few times a day just keep the session under 20) The floor is the best place for a child to be so if he is tolerating it thats awesome.

I recenty just had a kid in my childcare that never crawled ever and started walking at 12 months so just remember they all develop differently.

Hope you dont mind me telling you what I know. I have a degree in ECE and have been working in the childcare field for 14 years.

E. Williamson said...

Ha... Some times I think that Kyah will never crawl, but again I never imagined that he would be doing everything he is doing now. I think we worry and compare too much.

And Kyah also says Hey ALL THE TIME! I seriously think that he knows what it means, but I doubt he does. Just a sound.

Also... don't forget to pick up and display your ' I was Featured on Spit Happens" button!!!! It's under the Button Tab on the far right hand side of the pages tabs.

Christa said...

LOL when I saw your post title I immediately started singing that song!!! LOVE TLC (not the channel)

Meant to be a mom said...

Now I'm sitting here at my desk at work singing in my head "So I creep, YAH". Haha. Great!

Cooper is only a little bit older than Caleb but he's still not crawling. He'll be 6 months old in two weeks and right now all he's doing is he will lean and reach for toys. If we put him on his tummy he will try to pull his knees up but then gets really frustrated and starts to cry. Its sad.
I'm sure Caleb will soon. I'll have to check back and see what other moms told you.

Katrina said...

Jack started rolling from tummy to back at about 6 months, from back to tummy at 7 months, and started scooting and rolling for toys a couple days later. =) Now I can't stop him, and it's only been a week and a half!
It will happen when he is ready!