Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Go Chasing Caleb

Remember this post?  Yeah the one with the TLC throwback, and the discussion of how I think little man will never crawl?  Well, little one is surprising me, and putting my words to test.  This past week he has become a moving machine.  I swear we go to Florida, and come back and dada swears he is a different baby.  He is all about some rolling now.  Back to front, front to back, back to front, front to back (you get the picture).  He has also mastered going from a sitting position to falling on his belly and trying to scoot.  He usually only goes in a circle, but then he starts rolling back to front, front to back again (is that picture getting annoying yet? :)). 

Also, he has a little secret that he has not quite let dada and I see yet.  Yesterday, I place him in the center of our living room with toys, and I walk into the kitchen to get some lunch.  When I come back to the living room he is right infront of the stereo (still sitting), and playing with the buttons.  The stereo was atleast 1 1/2 feet from where I sat him, and I knew he didn't roll because he was sitting.  Do I have a secret butt scooter on my hands?  My parents said  I never crawled, but I only scooted on my behind.  I wonder if Caleb is going to do the same thing?  I am trying to catch him in the act, and when I do there will be pictures, and probably a video. 

My sweet little snuggle bunny has also become a crazy mover in mama's arms. I will have him sitting upright in my lap, and the next thing I know he is on his belly and trying to roll off my lap.  Oh, bloggy friends, I think my little non moving baby is ready to get up and go. 

Warning: Pictures that have nothing to do with post.  (I haven't caught him doing the butt scootin boogy yet)

His first time in a swing

I think the plan is to go see this precious little one today (and baby Jax).

Caleb is riding in a big boy carseat now (daddy was adjusting the straps)! (ignore the mess in the car, we had just got back from Florida and the car was packed!)



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