Monday, March 29, 2010

I ------ on Peter Cottontail

I have a confession to make bloggy friends.  A confession that might make some of your want to cringe to think about, and may make others of you laugh out loud! I will begin at the beginning.

Yesterday was just a normal sad day in the bluegrass. I mean hubby, Caleb and I had arrived home late from Lex on saturday night after watching the CATS loose to WV :*(.  We decided that we were going to have a fun family day yesterday and we had a lot planned.  First of all we slept in and went to the late church service.  This did not work to well for Caleb because it was during his naptime, and he ended up having a break down in the nursery.  I saw his number flash up and I basically ran to the nursery to see what was wrong. Once there I was greeted by the hateful nursery desk lady who proceeded to tell me very harshly that "he had been crying for a long time!".  I wanted to respond by saying "Hey miss mean nursery greeter, maybe you should have paged me when he first started crying, and then the problem would have been taken care of.  Also, while we are at it, maybe you would like to me a little more polite to parents considering you are working in a church nursery and all!".  I was a little livid to say the least.  At least the ladies who actually watch him are sweet as they can be.  UGHH. 

Anyways, after church we went to use a gift card at Olive Garden, and fed Caleb his lunch.  At this point he is still fighting his nap, and is becoming a little cranky. 

After lunch we went to Old Navy to check out the cute baby boy clothes, and to get hubby some new shirts.  Then it was time for the highlight of our day! The time to visit Mr. Cottontail himself.  We were meeting our cousins and their baby Baylee at the mall at 3:50, and we had a few minutes to spare so I suggested going to change Caleb's diaper. However, by this point our little man had fallen fast asleep in his stroller, and he looked to peaceful to wake him (mistake). 

We proceeded to get in line, and wait to get the long awaited picture.  Caleb awoke, and we picked him up only to find that his pants were pretty darn wet with pee.  However, he had dark jeans that you could not see the wetness through.  This is when the dilema in my head began bloggy friends.  I mean I was in line, we only had a change of shirt not pants, and the only other thing I could put him in would be a sleeper. I mean he couldn't have his Easter Bunny Picture taken in a sleeper.  That would be so not cute.  So the question was going back and forth in my head "do I change him, or do I leave him"?  I asked hubby and my cousins and we all decided that since the Easter Bunny has a fluffy costume on, and since he would  never feel the wetness through the suit, that we should just let Caleb be until after the picture.  So yes bloggy friends, I am that mom that let me baby PEE on Peter Cottontail.  However, a cute picture did emerge from the story, and Caleb was changed as soon as we got our picture :).  Hope I didn't gross you out, I mean I am sure other mama's have done the same thing.



Mama Laughlin said...

oh girl, that's NOTHING!
that didn't gross me out at all!
Course, it takes A LOT to gross me out!

funny story though!
Wish blogger wasn't being so stupid and I could actually see the picture!
Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

Mandy said...

That is too funny! When I saw the title of the post, I thought u were going to say he pooped on the Easter Bunny! lol

Ashley said...

That is too funny.
I, too, thought he did the STANKY on Mr. Bunny. ha! :)

It IS a cute picture though!

Momma Such said...

He he! He looks so happy and adorable in the pic! Well worth it. :)

Meant to be a mom said...

I would have been livid too. And girl don't worry about the pee. Haha, I would have done the same thing. Its not like you do it all the time =)

Lea Liz said...

Girl I would have done the same

what a cute picture!!!