Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Library Music and a 6 mile Walk

Today was such a fun and unexpected day!! First off the weather is GORGEOUS!! That always puts a smile one my face.  However, today was also our very first day of a FREE, let me repeat that FREE library baby music class.  Taylor had told me about it, and we decided it sounded like a lot of fun.  I mean it is basically just like kindermusik only without the 180 dollar price tag!! Caled seemed to enjoy himself, and at the end he showed off his rolling tricks to get to the toy of his choice. 

Cute Isabel

However, while there we met some new friends that got to Taylor's church and their babies Presli and Max.  They were oh so cute, and I just had to die at how chunky and adorable Presli was. We decided that her and Caleb would make the most beautiful eyed chunky babies of all time, and we just had to take their picture together.  How cute is she with her bow??

After the class us 4 mama's and babies sat in the library and chatted it up, and then we went on a 6 mile walk! Yes you heard me right, well maybe I am telling a little fish tale. However, let me assure you that our probable 2 mile walk felt like 6 for us mama's, and pushing strollers up hills was almost to much! We looked like a little stroller mafia.  It was so much fun and so unexpected.  Great to make new friends, and we have decided to contine the tradition every week!

Stroller mafia minus Max who was eating at the time


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