Thursday, March 4, 2010

McCutie # 7

Where is Caleb?

There he is!



Caleb is 7 months old today!! Time is flying by (especially with February being such a short month).  Caleb had more fun with his hat (from meemaw) than his monkey this month during his pictures. He is just oh so cute!! I can't believe my little man is growing so fast.  He is changing more and more every day, and time just keeps flying by.

Caleb, I love you more than life, and I have loved being your mama for the past 7 months. I love watching you every day, and seeing what new things you discover.  You melt my heart with every smile and you laugh is so cute it makes me cry.  I love you so much my sweet baby, and I thank God every day for blessing me with you, and giving me the privelage of being your mama.

What you are up to a t 7 months:

Sleeping: You are such a good sleeper. You sleep through the night every night, and barely ever wake up anymore to have your binky replaced.  You moved yourself to an 8 pm bedtime when you are at home.  When mama is working and you are at meemaw's you will go to sleep as soon as we get home and put you in your bed.  You barely ever cry when I lay you down to go to sleep at night.  You have become a side sleeper, and have slept one nap on your belly.  You are no longer swaddled but we use a sleep sack to keep you warm, and you love it.  You take a 2 hour nap between 12:30-2:30 every day.  You will take another 1 hour nap if we are at home later in the day, but you will barely ever nap if we are not home.  You always cry when you are laid down for you naps, but you calm down in 2-3 minutes.  You will let me rock you to sleep during the day, and I take advantage of that.  You let me cuddle you on my chest like you did when you were itty bitty, and I get to kiss your head, and smell your sweet baby smell.  You usually sleep from 8-8:30/9 am, and then eat and go back to sleep for another hour or so (unless we are going to the gym and then you do not nap until 12ish.

Eating: You still love to eat! You eat 4-5 bottles a day (5-7 ounces each), and you are eating baby food 2 times a day. I am thinking we are going to start trying 3 times and see how you do.  You love all baby food (except meats), and you gobble it so fast.  You tried baby yogurt yesterday and loved it! You also have tried solid bananas, crackers, cereal, bitter biscuits, and puffs. You are so good a chewing and you love to eat. You always eat a fruit mixed with cereal in the morning, veg for dinner, and cereal in your bottle at night. You are doing great with your sippy cup.  You still take a bottle to eat, but will drink out of a sippy with your snacks.  You are trying to learn to grab your own food and put it in your mouth, but your hand covers up the food and you get confused!

Size: You are still 17 lbs according to Wii Fit.  You are wearing mostly 6 month and 6-9 month clothing.  You have outgrown most of your Carters 6 month, but your Children's Place 6-9 month outfits are to big still. I am in a predicament over what size to order your Easter outfit in.  You  have outgrown your nb shoes, but you will never keep shoes on your feet so you rarely wear any. Still wearing size 3 diapers.

Exciting New Things:
  • You have started giving hugs.  It is so cute!!
  • You have started giving ONLY MAMA kisses.  I love that it is your little thing that you do for only me, and I am enjoying it while it lasts.  It is so cute, you reach out your arms, put them around my neck, and then come wide mouth toward my face until I kiss you back! It melts my heart! Probably my favorite new thing this month.
  • You have started eating solids and you love them
  • You have really mastered drinking from a sippy.
  • You sit all the time, and it is your favorite thing. You love to sit and play with your toys.
  • You still do not care about rolling over to much or trying to crawl. I'm okay with that. I want you to stay my baby forever :)
  • You pet Bella and Sissy now
  • You get startled by things around you, and you will cry until I hug you and tell you it is okay.
  • You love to play in your highchair with your toys.
  • You are doing great staying in the nursery at church and at the gym
  • You have started imitating things we do.  Last night daddy was humming to you and moving his head back and forth, and you started to move your head as well.  We will move our hand and say Hey, or Bye Bye and you try to move you hand like ours.
  • You giggle so loud now, and your laughs are so deep and bellyish :).  We will dance silly for you and you laugh so hard.  It is so cute that it makes me laugh so hard that I cry.
  • You still get hiccups EVERY time you laugh!
  • You love you binky still, and you have mastered taking it out of your mouth and putting it back in.
  • You always rub your eyes when you are sleepy now. So cute.

Happy 7 Months my little one! I love you more than life!



Meant to be a mom said...

That first picture is so cute.
He is such a sweetie. 7 months old. Its crazy to see what they will be doing around 7 months old. I hope Caleb has a great rest of his first year. He'll be at his birthday before we know it.

Can you even believe how fast time seems to pass with kids?? Its crazy to me. People always used to say it and I would always be like "yah" but now I know what they really meant.

E. Williamson said...

WOW. They are still so much alike... but you do a MUCH better job of writing it out. I keep a very detailed list of things Ky does each week but I think that it would bore people to read it. Maybe I should post it. I Love reading yours. Also, Kyah hiccups every time he giggles too. STRANGE!

Ashley said...

He is SO stinkin' cute! :)
It's so crazy how fast time flies by once you have little ones.

Jayme said...

He is SO cute!

Angela said...

New Friday Follower. Love the pics... they are super cute. Really they put a smile on my face.

Hope you and your little one have a great day!


bizzimommiofboyz said...

Hello From A Late Friday Follower.

Will Be Following From....

Hope To Hear From You Soon........

Erin said...

oh he is so cute!!! I think its funny you weigh him on the wii fit ha ha love it! I can't wait tell my little one is sleeping more then 3 hours a night, how nice to have such a great sleeper!!

Christa said...

He looks so cute! I love the hat, where did you get it? I need to find one for Mason!