Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my neice Sahara's 7th birthday. It is so crazy that she is already that old. I still think of her as a little tiny baby. It makes me sad to think how fast time is going to fly when little Caleb arrives. Britney from also had her baby today. She was 5 lbs and I believe 10 ounces and they named her Kennedy Brooke. Such an exciting day. It makes me so excited for Caleb's arrival. HURRY UP AUGUST I WANT TO HOLD MY BABY!!

I am really enjoying working at Greyhound Tavern so far. Right now I am in the training days which can be annoying, but I am actually excited to get back into serving. Working at a preschool this past 8 months has taught me a lot, and I really enjoyed getting the chance to learn more about infants. However, I love the fast paced atmosphere of serving and meeting all different types of individuals.

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