Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Worried at 24 Weeks

I have been missing from blog for a few days now, and that is because I traveled to my hometown for Hillbilly Days. Hillbilly Days is a festival started by Shriners to raise money for children at their hospitals, and it is always a good time. For 4 days in the month of April Pikeville is taken over by Hillbillies, and I have never missed a Hillbilly Days yet. It was fun to hang out with family and old friends from high school. Nick and I were not able to make it to town until Friday night, but it was a great weekend.

Sunday we decided to visit my brother and nieces, ages 7,5,and almost 1. Afterward we started back to my house in Pikeville, and while we were stopped at a red light a car hit us from behind. It was just a little fender bender, and it only scrated the paint on my grandmothers bumper. Unfortunately, it was enough to freak a 6 month pregnant lady out. Right after the wreck I felt Caleb move so I tried not to freak out. However, over the last two days I have felt him move less and less, and I began to have some stomach cramps. Anyways to make a long story short, I started freaking out thinking I was going to have a miscarriage, or that my little boy had already passed away. I called the doctor today and Nick and I rushed in to make sure everything was normal. The doctor assured us that at 24 weeks a baby can change sleeping patterns, and that we should not be concerned about movement as of yet. They checked for the heartbeat and let me listen to his little heart beat away for a few minutes. I am sure they get tired of freaked out first time parents, but it is definetely a scary experience to be pregnant and know that you have to keep a little baby inside of you alive. They assured us that everything was fine and we went on our way. While at the doctor I discovered that I have gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. When I first began the pregnancy I weighed 104, and at around 14 weeks I had dropped to 101. I gained those three pounds back and at 22 weeks I weighed 106, and now I am 112. It's so crazy to watch my weight change so much because it has always been pretty consistent. Nick and I bet that I would gain 20 lbs throughout the pregnancy, so we will see if that prediction comes true. In the meantime I am seriously considering buying a fetal heart monitor incase I have any more scares like I did this week. I think it would just reassure me that everything is okay. I am so thankful that our little fender bender did not harm little Caleb, and that he and I are both growing on schedule.

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Lea Liz said...

girl that would scare me too!!! I went to the ER about 3 days before I was induced with Brody because he hadn't moved in like a day, it's not something to mess around with because anything can happen. It ended up being notihng but I was there for an hour and 2 cans of pepsi later until he moved for us. Its your baby and don't worry about being a first time mom, you pay for there care! So glad you were all okay!