Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray for Britney and Kennedy

I just read on Britney's blog that she is at the hospital right now waiting a decision as to whether or not she will be induced tonight. She is at 16 weeks, and has recently developed preclampsia. The doctors had told her previously that they might induce at 37 weeks, however, her blood pressure has elevated today. Please pray for her and her little baby girl as they await the doctors decision. Here is a link to her blog I know that she is probably excited to meet her little one but also frightened because she is coming a few weeks early. Keep them in your prayers tonight.


Lea Liz said...

Hey girl!
I left you an award on my blog!

Brit said...

Thank you sweet girl for thinking of me! I will need your prayers especially now on Wednesday night and ALL day Thursday! I can't believe Kennedy will be here this coming week!

I will be sure to remember every detail to help you prepare for the birth of little Caleb!!!! =)