Thursday, April 9, 2009

22 Weeks

Here we are halfway through our 22nd week of pregnancy, and I feel wonderful. Caleb has become so active over the past couple of weeks, and I love to just lay there and feel him move. There are times when I laugh out loud because his movement is becoming so strong, and it is so fun to feel him move and imagine him being in my arms. We have reached the point where we can see my stomach move when he kicks, and also if my arm is laying on my stomach it will push up if he kicks. I LOVE IT! Feeling our baby move is probably one of the best experiences of my life.

Last night I had my first pregnancy horror dream. I used to have dreams about the wedding all last year, and I would wake up sweating because I thought they were true. Last night I dreamed that little Caleb was born, and he was beautiful. However, Nick and I kept forgetting about him. We would go hours without feeding him or holding him, and my breast milk dried up because I forgot to begin nursing him. It was horrible. I felt as though he was going to die adn it would be my fault, but we could not remember to take care of him. Talk about a nightmare!!

Luckily Caleb is still growing in my belly, and although my cravings are not always the healthiest choices he is getting fed and growing!! My belly has really shot out this week, and it makes me smile. I also finally gained 2 lbs, and I was relieved when I realized this at the doctor this week. Thus far I had been loosing weight, and I wanted to gain some to feel healthy. Caleb is about the size of a package of oreos this week, and can now taste different foods in the amniotic fluid. I really need to start throwing some healthy tastes in there. Did any one else have trouble staying on track and eating healthy during pregnancy?

Each week seems to be going by faster and faster, and I hope that continues throughout the pregnancy. April will be eventful with Easter this weekend, Hillbilly Days next weekend (WOO), and Beth and Neil's wedding the last weekend. Now, I just need to make plans for May. I have realized it helps pass the time if I have something to look forward to every weekend.

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