Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday's Happenings

My busy weekend did not end after the wedding festivities. On Sunday I traveled to my hometown to celebrate 2 of my neice's birthdays. Sarhara, the oldest is turning 7 on the 30th, and Gracie, the baby, just turned one on the 24th. It is so crazy to me that either one of them are that old. It seems like yesturday that Sahara was turning one and now she is all grown up. I love my neices so very much, and it was so fun to share their birthday party with them. Sahara is all grown up and into clothes now, and little Gracie is just starting to try to walk on her own. They are growing up way to fast. I have included various pictures from the party. I love the one of little Gracie in the birthday bag. It kind of looks like she was flipping off the camera. So humerous. I had some bonding time with her while I was there. I took her and pushed her in a swing for probaby a good ten minutes. She was so cute, and I couldn't help but think about how excited I am to have little Caleb and take him to the park. Sunday was a great day for a birthday party and the end to a busy weekend.

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