Tuesday, December 7, 2010

16 Months

Ya'll let me just start by saying that it is driving me crazy how behind I am on blogging!! I mean like seriously crazy.  It is killing me that our computer crashed, and  I have no updated photos of Caleb to share with you.  There has been some big news in our family these last few weeks as well, and the posts deserve pictures.  I am going to my MIL tomorrow to take Christmas Card pics and I am planning on loading pics up there and making an album on fb so I will have access to them.  Then there will be quite a few posts in a row. 

Anyway, my little man turned 16 months Saturday.  That seems so old to me, and I am still taking it in.  He is just growing up way to fast. 

I am going to begin this monthly post by talking about Caleb's issue this month.  The night before Thanksgiving Caleb broke his leg.  He has a tibia fracture.  There is a post all about this to come, but right now my little man is sporting a lime green cast up to his thigh.  He will have to wear this until the 23rd of December.  He is able to crawl with up, and pull up, and love his heart he tries to walk but it is a lost cause.  I plan on taking a video of it.  It is so sad but hilarious at the same time to see him try to walk with this huge club on his foot.  Poor Baby.  I swear the cast adds 20 lbs to him, so I am basically carrying around a 44 lb toddler in my third trimester of pregnancy.  Fun.

Caleb at 16 months:

Sleeping:  Still taking 2 1 1/2-2 hour naps per day. Generally around 11 and 4.  You still sleep through the night and wake up around 7:30.  You had some trouble sleeping when you first hurt your leg, but you are good to go again.

Size:  You are 24 lbs.  Size 4 shoe.  Mostly size 18 and 24 month clothes.  The only pants that fit you right now are sweat pants and 2 pairs of not so beautiful jeans.  Your club is just to big for your nice pants to fit over.

Eating: You still eat 3 meals a day.  Generally lunch is your biggest meal.  You are obsessed with powdered donuts and goldfish.  You still hate meat.  You love all fruit and will eat peas and green beans like they are candy.  You have learned to feed yourself a whole banana all by yourself, and I have to admit you look way to grown up doing that.  You sign "more" when you are hungry, so I guess you think it means "eat".  Oh well.  You like to sit with a plate in between your legs in the morning and watch cartoons while you eat your breakfast.  You look to grown up doing this as well. You drink about 16 ounces of milk per day.  A sippy in the morning and one before bed.

Speech:  You are still not talking very much at all. I discussed this with your pediatrician and he said that you were right on track, and that I needed to stop comparing you to girl toddlers.  You can say 15-16 words, but you only say : Mama, dada, kitty, teeth, kick, woof, and get on a regular basis.  You just said Mine for the first time tonight.  You like to "uhh" and "ahhh" a lot.  I basically always know what you want when you do so. 

Exciting New Things:
  • Before you hurt your leg you were learning to walk backwards and running.
  • You always pull your binky out of your mouth, throw it, scream, and then hold your hands up like "where did it go?".  This is a game we play and I love it.
  • You have mastered my "Your in trouble mister face".  I always make the same face when I tell you no.  You will do something you know you are not suppose to do, and then look at me with that face.  I have to admit that I have to turn my head laughing each time.  It is so funny.
  • You are starting to hit mama.  I don't like this, and this is generally where the face comes out.
  • You have started banging your head on the ground when you don't get your way.  Crazy. 
  • You like to hit your club foot and kick it hard on the ground and laugh.
  • You now despise diaper changes and they are getting harder and harder
  • You are obsessed with sitting in your chair and riding your buzz lightyear.
  • When you are hungry you go to the fridge and try to open it.
  • When we ask you where baby sister is you will now lift up your shirt and pat your belly.
  • You love to pull your piggies off.
  • You love to go bye bye and get so excited when we put your coat on.  You immediately start waving.
  • You are really big on being held and cuddling right now and I love this.
  • You always hold game remotes and pretend like you are playing with us when we are playing a game. 
  • You understand so many commands that it amazes me.

    I love you so much my monkey man. I am so excited to spend this Christmas with you.



Elizabeth Taylor said...

I am so sorry you have had such a rough month. It sounds like caleb is doing fine with his cast, I hope everything heals well and things start looking up!
On another note- can you believe how fast 16 months have Come and gone?
Can't wait for all your updates :)

Lindsay said...

I can't imagine having a busy 16 month old with a broken leg! Hope he is feeling better soon!