Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meet Miss Mckinlee (Or should I say Caleb's Twin)

This weekend we traveled out of town for my sisters birthday.  While out of town we were given a presnt of having a 3D ultrasound done.  I was so excited.  We loved experiencing this with Caleb at 28 weeks and we were so excited to see Miss Mckinlee at 29 weeks. She looks just like Caleb.  It is scary how much. 

Unlike Caleb miss Mckinlee was not to enthused about participating in this ultrasound.  With Caleb he showed us literally ever part of his body and face and even his butt wrinkles.  Bundle girl however, hid her face almost the entire visit.  She kept giving us small glimpses and then she would smash it into my stomach. I had to get up and dance around a few times.  However, at the end she gave us quite a show and let us see that cute little face in the making. She did not however, allow us to confirm that she was still a girl.  She was very lady like and kept her legs crossed every time we would try to see.  So, we will just hope the 18 week ultrasound was right.  She did however, show us that she has hair!! Looking forward to the bows in the future!

Just  so you can get a glimpse of how much they look alike I am going to show you some comparisons.  First up in each comparison is lil Miss Mckinlee and then there is Mr. Caleb second. 

Comparison 2

Comparison #3

Comparison #4

Pretty crazy huh?? Yea we are definitely in trouble when this little girl grows up!



caycee said...

Wow! That is crazy how much they look alike! Not to much longer!!!!

Katie Jones said...

wow. they look like twins! I cant believe you are due so soon. Its crazy!